7/25/20 Pre-Blast Zoolander and Plumb Bob Co-Q at the Mutt

That’s right gentlemen. Zoolander is making a glorious appearance at the Mutt to Q tomorrow. What? How on Earth is this happening? Well it’s happening! Just not the Zoolander you think.


Zoolander from F3 Indy is coming down to help out YHC. We met in college and have been friends ever since. Mainly because I was older and I would buy his alcohol on the weekends. I’m a good dude like that! He posted for the first time about 6 weeks ago due to my constant badgering to get him to start.

He and his M are visiting for the weekend so posting was an obvious choice and when I saw that the date needed a Q I reached out to him.

We’ve got a good one planned. Full body and some cardio. Bring gloves and your own coupon if you want.

Plumb Bob

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