Back Blast “Diamonds are Forever” 23-Jul-2020 Thursday Big Kapowski at Bayside 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 8Charolais (R)Firing PinSluggerBirdieAir SupplySchotzieSadieCrock Pot (Q)
Weather: 72 deg F, the rain held off until just after COT
Disclaimer/FNGYHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.
Warm Up:Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15Slooooow Grass Grabbers (IC): x10Stay down, hold left ankle: 10 countStay down, hold right ankle: 10 countDownward Dog: 10 countCobra: 10 CountKendra Newman forward: 10 countKendra Newman backward: 10 countMichael Phelps: 10 countImperial Walker (IC): x10
Thang:To provide each PAX room to move and physical distancing from one another, each PAX had their own work area. Using 8 cones, each PAX started at the base of a work area shaped as a ‘diamond inside another diamond’. If you’ve ever played or seen youngsters play little league baseball on a ‘full’ baseball field, you know what this looks like. Home plate is obviously in the same spot (here represented by a ‘double’ cone). There’s a ‘short’ set of bases to run and a ‘long’ set of bases to run. Since we’re big boys, we would run the big diamond, and work the small diamond. Celebrate a home run with 10 reps of the indicated exercise.
Superset 1 (we did 2 rounds)Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Bear CrawlHome Plate: Merkins
Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Lunge Walk (R foot steps)Home Plate: Monkey Humpers
Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Plank Walk (R hand leading)Home Plate: Da Vinci’s
Superset 2 (we did 2 rounds)Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Crawl BearHome Plate: Carolina Dry Docks
Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Lunge Walk (L foot steps)Home Plate: Squats
Big Diamond: RunSmall Diamond: Plank Walk (L hand leading)Home Plate: Mountain Climbers
Two laps AYG around the bases with belly buttons always facing the school (which ends up more like an Agility / Carioca run because you’re never facing exactly the same direction you’re traveling. Two laps AYG facing the football field.
Mary:J.Lo (IC) x15Freddy Mercury (IC) x15American Hammer (IC) x15
CoR/NoRAnnouncements:GrowRuck in October.
Message:The preblast boasted a theme of “Diamonds are Forever”. The workout also happened to correspond with the MLB 2020 season debut, so basically the metaphor game was strong for today’s message.
YHC mentioned that diamonds are things that were here long before us and will be here long after us. They bring people joy and are often a cherished possession.
Jesus himself obviously taught about how to live, how to pray, how to treat people, and things like that. No surprise. But he also knew our tendencies to get lured (and potentially trapped) by wealth, accumulation, ‘stuff’, and cocktail of problems that can associate with this pursuit. 
In Matthew 6:19-21, Jesus was teaching people about this possible pitfall. He said “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Whether you’re a believer in Heaven, in God, both, or neither, my guess is at some point you’ve overemphasized something material. Or something temporary. Deep down you know that the things you treasure most aren’t material at all, aye?
The challenge today is to put treasure where it counts. As diamonds will live long after we’re gone, the challenge for the PAX was to do something today that will matter forever (or at least a reeeeaaaaallllly long time).
Maybe that’s planting a tree. Or most likely, it’s saying “I’m sorry” to someone you’ve fallen out of touch with. Maybe it’s saying “thank you” to a mentor or parent. Maybe it’s offering forgiveness to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Maybe it’s having a conversation with someone you don’t know as well as you should.
Do things like this. They have the potential to have impact that lasts forever.
Intentions:Healing for a family friend Louise. Also in discussion after COT, I learned that one of the PAX (I’m not sure how confidential this is so I will be generic) is in the middle of trying to support family member(s) currently in the clutches of addiction, anger, and a whole lot of emotional scars.
NakedMan Moleskin:Bayside is cool. I love it every time. I wanted badly to go and do some laps in the new school parking lot but didn’t want to group everyone up for the mosey necessary to facilitate it. 
Shout out to Slugger, who kept up with his dad Birdie. My man said he’s an Oakland A’s fan. As much as I wanted to tell him that Mark McGwire doesn’t play for them anymore, I held my tongue. That was before he was born, plus it’s tough being a kid growing up in a state with zero professional sports teams. Guess what buddy, if you want to cheer for the A’s, I’m with you. I hope you get to catch a foul ball at a game in Oakland some day.
We did run several laps around the bases, so I could understand a moment of motion sickness, but about 3/4 of the way through the workout, Sadie was way out in centerfield. I (politely) asked him if he needed a dog leash to keep him in his circle. He did much better. Maybe he’s an outfielder at heart and just got caught up in nostalgia. 
I didn’t proofread this because I ran out of time. Instead of critiquing this, go do something that will have ‘forever impact’.
Until next meal,Crock Pot

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