8.3.20 BB The Incubator @ Poshlands

Ah, its 5:28 am on a cool and breezy Monday morning (Finally!) The temp was perfect and the PAX was ready for whatever was coming. 16 brave souls showed up looking forward to a beatdown that was sure to have us all feeling it for days to come.

Nice and Slow
Double Down (R)
Uncle Rico
Mr. Hat
Jitterbug (R)
Ladybird (R)
Stick Up (Q)

As the last few seconds of time ticked away before a disclaimer was to be made we all realized the Q scheduled for that day way MIA. Time to modify and adapt. At 5:30 the disclaimer was given and we mosey around the island lot while YHC planned the up coming WO and circled up back where we started for COP.


30 SSH (IC)
11 Grassgrabbers (IC)
15 Toy Soldiers (IC)
10 IW (IC)
Downward dog, R/L Calf Stretch, R/L Runners Stretch
15 Mtn Climbers (IC)


We moseyed over to the egg lawn and met in one of the surrounding parking lots to get the explanation or plan of what to do next. 1st lap: stop at each parking area around the egg lawn and complete 10 BOYO’s before moving on to the next one. Lap 2: 15 T-Merkins at each parking area. 3rd and final lap: Various Mary at each parking area. 1/2 the group went counter clockwise while the other half went clockwise around the lawn (keep the groups COVID compliant). At the end of the 3rd lap we circled up to finish off with some Mary.

COT: Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Announcements, Intentions and Words of Thanks.

-Stick Up

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