BB-GROWRUCK infomercial at the Loco at County 8.4.20

Also known as Pelican’s birthday Q. I was super excited to plan my bday Q and even more excited when some of the hard commits started rolling in. A couple of FNGs were slated to attend and the weather couldn’t have been better. I stayed up late working on a playlist that was full of birthday and party songs and spent even more time looking for edited versions of songs since my man Tidwell is usually in the house on Tuesday.

At start we had 19 HIM in attendance, I gave the disclaimer and somehow worked an F-bomb directed at Dauber into it. So much for censoring language. The PAX in attendance were:

Honey Do
Hush Puppy
Meter Maid
Big Bug
Mamas Boy
Asian Zing (R)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Cartman (FNG)-ran out of good ideas on the first FNG and went with Kilos suggestion here. Kind of the we can’t think of anything better approach.
Fazoli’s (FNG)-freaking awesome name not sure who came up with that
Stick Up
Fertile Myrtle
Pelican (Q)

Awesome mix of old school and new school guys both in terms of F3 friends and guys I’ve known forever. I wore neon in hopes of a Kilo siting and it paid off even if his wardrobe was muted compared to most days in the gloom. Airplane wasn’t there though, once he found out I was Qing I think he booked himself for the Boondocks. First verified excuse for missing one of my Qs on record for him.

We placed our coupons (and 15 lb kettle bells) in the parking and moseyed up the front lot for COP.

Started with Toy Soldiers

Grass grabbers

SSHs- maybe the first time I’ve done these

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and stuff

Got ready for the First Thang which was 40 burpees-broken up into 10 a minute. Had a malfunction with the stereo so we got to listen to each other breathe loudly. Also learned that some people don’t need gloves for burpees, who knew? After we got our heart rate going we headed back to the parking lot for Thang 2.

Sticking with the 40 theme we had two stations set up 40 yards from the benches by the school and the green space. Split in two groups so we could keep our space. At the coupon station we did 40 reps of an exercise then sprinted (shorts bursts) to the bench for 40 reps of another exercise then sprint back for the next round of exercises. The exercises were as follows-

Skull Crushers/Dips

Curls/Merkins (20 decline/20 incline)

Shoulder press/20 Step ups & Box jumps

Bench Press/One legged Squats-20 per leg

Everyone made it through once and started on the next round-I made it to one more group than Dauber did. Mumble chatter during this portion in the 1s was awesome with Kilo leading the charge there. Highlights included some talk about GROWRUCK, him asking who the big dude was (it was Big Bug), and then Big Bug and Backflop standing side by side doing curls. That was pretty awesome to see-shows that beasts come in all shapes and sizes. Looked like Shrek doing curls by Pat Day. Our group did modify the box jumps because the benches by the green space were wetter than my shirt during COP. As we were wrapping up I looked down at the 2s and was very impressed that they seemed to be doing everything in cadence together—they probably weren’t but it was far away and foggy.

We had about 10 minutes to spare so we got started on Thang 3. Now that we finished the workout it was time to become men….or do Manmakers. Same as the burpees where we did 40 of them doing 10 a minute. I recently heard a tall tale of someone doing 30 minutes straight of manmakers. Not sure I believe it but if he did he probably just spread his 40 out over more time than we did. I’m sure a couple people got 10 every round but I didn’t—3 out of 4 ain’t bad just like my superfectas.

We had a few minutes left for Mary so we did V-ups, flutter kicks and then pickle pounders. It was my birthday so at least wanted to get those in somewhere that day.

We closed with namorama and then by naming a couple of FNGs. Had announcements and intentions then called it a day.

If you haven’t read Jolly’s slack post about GrowRuck and last years tough you should. Kilo gave a tremendous soliloquy about why we all should sign up for the October event. I think we need to put a no soliciting sign up for his next visit but in all seriousness the passion he has for the event is awesome. I encourage anyone who can sign up to do so. There’s rucks available to borrow or rent and a whole host of HIM to help you through it.

I’ll close by saying again how thankful I am for this group of men-it ranged from Hush Puppy who I have known his whole life to Fazolis who I just met yesterday. It’s amazing the support we all have for each other and something I hope everyone gets the chance to experience.

Until next time


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