Backblast: 8.7.20: Harbaugh Q @ The Abyss

It’s was a cool crisp morning when YHC arrived at the Abyss. Since there was little prep work for the WO, I sat on a bench and looked at the stars. Shortly, Uncle Sam arrived. We chatted and waited for more PAX to show up. As the minutes ticked away, I was thinking that it was gonna be a two-man show. At 5:28, Flip Flop pulled in, earlier than usual.

I intro’d myself and have the disclaimer. We triangled up for the COP.

21 SSH; 10 Grassgrabbers; Hamstring Stretches; Kendra Newmans; and Michael Phelps.

We moseyed to the Arena for the Main Thang.

Mixed AMRAP Beatdown: 45 second per exercise; 10 second rest; 2 sets.

Curls; Smurf Jacks; Single Arms Rows (switch sides halfway); LBCs; Overhead Press; Side Straddle Hops; Calf Raises w/ weight; Weighted Lunges; Plank Jacks; Weighted Squats; Skull Crushers; American Hammers; Mountain Climbers; Flutter Kicks; Bench Press; Gas Pumps

We moseyed to the boat dock for some Pickle Pounders at sunrise. The musical selection for this was Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. Every time the word “Balls” came up, we did a Groiner.

We moseyed back to the parking lot for COT. Announcements: The Abyss returns as the Earliest AO in F3 on Monday with an 0515 start time. GROWRuck coming up. Mumble Rucks are awesome. Intentions: Spoken and unspoken. Closing Prayer.

I feel blessed to be a part of a group of amazing men who strive daily to improve themselves and others. Thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Without you men, I wouldn’t be a better version of myself.

-Harbaugh out! Go Bucks!

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