BackBlast-Buckeye Beatdown-Long Run Park-Harbaugh Q

Weather: 54* with wind and intermittent showers Attire: Shorts and hoodie PAX: Uncle Sam (R) & Harbaugh (Q) Introduction and disclaimer The Main Thang: Bobby Hurleys-40 U-Hauls-30 Copperhead Squats-30 Knerkins-20 E2K (L)-40 Yul Brynner-5 E2K (R)-40 SSH-50 Finished with a short MARY TABATA Ended with COT, announcements, intentions, Our Father I have been posting sinceContinue reading “BackBlast-Buckeye Beatdown-Long Run Park-Harbaugh Q”

Backblast—Harbaugh B&M Q at Long Run Park

It was a balmy 34* at 0500. Attire for the day was Daisy Dukes or Banana Hammock… Chippendales-style. PAX: Back Flop, Frosted Tips, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, and Harbaugh (Q) After the intro and disclaimer, we circled up for a quick CoP, including Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans, and Toy Soldier March the length of theContinue reading “Backblast—Harbaugh B&M Q at Long Run Park”

Back Blast: BlackOps @ The Garden 7/30 (Harbaugh VQ)

17 PAX today got better. @Huggies @Ladybird (R), @Frosted Tips @Mr. Hat @Husky @Jitterbug (R) @Uncle Rico @Nino @Mark Smith (F3_Skirmish) @Deep Dish @Fructose @Latex @Mr Kotter @Catfish @HOLLER @Harbaugh The weather was perfect after last night’s rain. Humidity was hardly noticeable. After disclaimer, we had a short mosey to circle up. 15- Grass grabbersContinue reading “Back Blast: BlackOps @ The Garden 7/30 (Harbaugh VQ)”