Backblast—7.10.2020–Wisteria @Pleasantville—Harbaugh’s Casino Night

It was muggy as I drove through the streets of Pleasantville. Got lost… again. May need to install a Bat Signal. Found the amphitheater and walked around the park, counting light poles. What else are you supposed to do when you’re 30 minutes early? HIMs began arriving. Jitterbug (R), Holy Roller (R), Double Down (R),Continue reading “Backblast—7.10.2020–Wisteria @Pleasantville—Harbaugh’s Casino Night”

Harbaugh’s 1-year Postiversary @ Cloverfield:6.11.2020 BB

One year ago today I showed up at The Garden. I was head locked by Frosted Tips , who had an amazing sales pitch. Show up at 5:30 am and work out with a bunch of guys. But the price was right. Oh, and after your first visit, they’ll give you a nickname. Thanks UncleContinue reading “Harbaugh’s 1-year Postiversary @ Cloverfield:6.11.2020 BB”

Backblast: 3/16/2020: The Motivator at the Abyss: Harbaugh Q

The sun had not yet risen over the Abyss when an awesome group of HIMs assembled on the basketball court. The weather was perfect. The conversation jovial. I sneezed. Now I know what it feels like to wear a Du✖️e shirt in Rupp Arena. 🤣 After introduction and disclaimer, we lined up on the sidelineContinue reading “Backblast: 3/16/2020: The Motivator at the Abyss: Harbaugh Q”

BackBlast-Buckeye Beatdown-Long Run Park-Harbaugh Q

Weather: 54* with wind and intermittent showers Attire: Shorts and hoodie PAX: Uncle Sam (R) & Harbaugh (Q) Introduction and disclaimer The Main Thang: Bobby Hurleys-40 U-Hauls-30 Copperhead Squats-30 Knerkins-20 E2K (L)-40 Yul Brynner-5 E2K (R)-40 SSH-50 Finished with a short MARY TABATA Ended with COT, announcements, intentions, Our Father I have been posting sinceContinue reading “BackBlast-Buckeye Beatdown-Long Run Park-Harbaugh Q”

Backblast—Harbaugh B&M Q at Long Run Park

It was a balmy 34* at 0500. Attire for the day was Daisy Dukes or Banana Hammock… Chippendales-style. PAX: Back Flop, Frosted Tips, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, and Harbaugh (Q) After the intro and disclaimer, we circled up for a quick CoP, including Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans, and Toy Soldier March the length of theContinue reading “Backblast—Harbaugh B&M Q at Long Run Park”

Back Blast: BlackOps @ The Garden 7/30 (Harbaugh VQ)

17 PAX today got better. @Huggies @Ladybird (R), @Frosted Tips @Mr. Hat @Husky @Jitterbug (R) @Uncle Rico @Nino @Mark Smith (F3_Skirmish) @Deep Dish @Fructose @Latex @Mr Kotter @Catfish @HOLLER @Harbaugh The weather was perfect after last night’s rain. Humidity was hardly noticeable. After disclaimer, we had a short mosey to circle up. 15- Grass grabbersContinue reading “Back Blast: BlackOps @ The Garden 7/30 (Harbaugh VQ)”