10.22.2020: Harbaugh Q: The Station: Backblast

It was a cool morning. Not exactly the kind that requires long pants, gloves, and a toboggan. Being the conscientious Q that I am, I arrived at the AO before other PAX had gotten out of bed. I wanted to scout the area for the best locations for my Beatdown.

Captain Crunchberry was the next PAX to arrive. I think he just rolled out of bed and drank toilet water instead of coffee. F-Stop arrived, his usually jovial self. He greeted me with his typical “I hate you.” I know he doesn’t. Honey Do was the next to show up. I was just about to give my disclaimer when I heard tires squealing. Flip Flop must either know someone who controls traffic lights or has GPS connected to military satellites. No matter where he posts, he will arrive exactly 13 seconds before the disclaimer is given.

I gave the disclaimer and, despite my physique, reminded the PAX that I was not a professional and they should modify as needed.

COP: Across the parking lot and back—walk, high knee, butt kick, Mario, Bernie Sanders. And we as were loose as a $3….

The Main Thang: We moseyed to the parking lot of Dewey, Skrewem, and Howe. I explained that we were going to be doing a progressive Jack Webb. For those who have been living under a rock, or are new to F3, Jack Webb is a 1:4 ratio workout. To make it progressive, the “4” exercise becomes the “1” exercise then next round and gets paired with a new “4”. Trust me… it makes sense. Even a pelican could understand it.

The exercises were:

Round 1: Jackass/Squats—Point of reference: a jackass is a plank Jack followed by a donkey kick. We debated who it was named after and came up with too many possibilities, YHC included.

Round 2: Squats/Flutter Kicks

Round 3: Flutter Kicks/LBC

Round 4: LBC/Duck Walk: doing 40 Duck walks across the parking lot made it look like we were recreating the iconic Halloween music video “Thriller”.

We didn’t make it to Round 5, which would have tied everything together. We mosey back to the flag and had 2 minutes of Mary.

COT: Name O’Rama, Count O’Rama, Intentions (F-Stop bro-in-law) and my dad (recovering from COVID-19). Ended with the “Biscuit Prayer” which reminds us that whatever is thrown at us, we may not like, but God will take all of that and make something better.

It amazes me every time I post. An eclectic group of men, from all over, come together and follow whatever one of them says. Trusting that one person will help them get better. No matter how crazy it sounds. I was humbled to be that one today. And I am honored to be a follower.

-Go Bucks! Harbaugh

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