12.29.21: Backblast: The Motivator at The Abyss: Harbaugh Q

It is great to be back in the Gloom. I have missed being around HIMs.

I arrived at The Abyss at 5:17. Was just about to put out my stations when it started raining. Was about to call an audible and grab another workout that can be done under roof. Luckily for Uncle Sam, Kitty Litter, and F-Stop, the rain stopped and we were able to stick with my original plan.

0531: Called the meeting to order, reintroduced myself, and reminded the PAX that I was not a professional and they were free to modify as necessary.

0533: COP: 21 side straddle hops, 21 Grassgrabbers, 21 Abe Vigodas (Kitty Litter was the first to notice the pattern and F-Stop was the first to try to cheat by “miscounting”), Kendra Newmans, and Michael Phelps.

0539: The Main Thang: Abyss Suicides—Since The Abyss now has lights and evenly spaced trees, the set up for this weinke was easy. 6 Stations, 2 exercises at each station, 10 reps per exercise.

Station 1: LBCs/SSH

Station 2: DC Flutter Kicks/OH Claps

Station 3: DC Jump Lunges/Merkins

Station 4: Gas Pumps/V Ups

Station 5: Toy Soldiers/Squats

Station 6: Calf Raises/Plank Jacks

0609: After completing the first full set of Suicides, we won’t back through each station, choosing one exercise from each and doing 22 reps… on the way back, we did 22 of the other exercise.

0615: Time was called. COT: Announcements—Upcoming IHC; Intentions: Continue to pray for Tron and his family. Ended with Our Father.

It was great to be back out in the soggy Gloom and lead a great group of HIMs.

Until next time— Harbaugh out! Go Bucks!

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