10.23.2020: Wisteria @ Pleasantville: Harbaugh Q: Backblast

Do you get those annoying text messages asking you to support a candidate? Do you respond? Ignore them? They ask you to donate to help one candidate defeat another. I personally like to mess with the person on the other end.

It was another glorious morning when I arrived at Wisteria. I took an opportunity to walk around the amphitheater and make sure my Beatdown would work. I returned to the rally point and waited. Pelican arrived first and, as a consummate teacher’s pet, thoroughly read the PreBlast and brought the Q a beer. I was on the phone with F-Stop and we got him through the maze of streets that is Pleasantville. Other PAX arrived without needing GPS.

I once told a volunteer for a Senate candidate that I wanted to vote “None of the above” because I didn’t like one candidate and didn’t trust the other. They asked me which was which and I was like, “does it really matter?” Now my M hands me her phone and asks me to mess with the volunteers.

PAX: Pelican, Holy Roller (R), Double Down (R), F-Stop, Hardwood, Whiskers, Backflop, Cratchit, Harbaugh (Q)

We moseyed to the stage for COP. Merkins, Downward Dog, Runner Stretch, Merkins, Kendra Newmans, Micheal Phelps into Good Morning. Pelican thought I didn’t have a plan, but this was carefully crafted.

I really like ice cream, especially cookies and cream. And Oreos with a tall glass of milk. Did you get to try the Super Double Stuffed Oreos when they were out? That’s not what they were called but they were AWESOME!

The Only Thang: Progressive Jack Webb. For explanation, see yesterday’s BackBlast. Each round was on a different level of the amphitheater.

#1- Jackass/Dips


#3-Squat/Overhead Clap

#4-Overhead Clap/Step-Up

Mosey back to the flag for COT. Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Intentions (F-Stop bro-in-law, Whiskers’s family, country, unspoken). Closing prayer

Again, so honored to be able to lead an amazing group of HIMs. Though we come from different places, we are all of one spirit. Glad to be a part of this group.

Go Bucks!—Harbaugh

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