Back-Blast – Vincent Q the Chopper

It was a perfect Friday morning – clear skies and 62 degrees. 21 PAX members (see Attendance) agreed and joined me for a Thabata / Core based Wienke. I arrived at the Chopper a little early even though setup was minimal and several cars were already in the lot. And they kept coming! My intention was to circle around the Seal for the workout but with 22 PAX total we had to spread out a little more and use the upper level of the memorial. We started with 2 laps around the monument and the basic COP of SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, and Stretching. From there we went right to Thang I – a 13 exercise thabata with 60 seconds on and 20 seconds rest. The movements were:

OHP, Shoulder Taps, Curls, Rows, Mountain Climbers, Dips, Squat Jacks, Lunges, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Thrusters, Dead Lifts and Squats.

We ran two more laps then went to Thang 2 – a burpee/merkin/plank Jack Webb. It is exactly how it sounds with a 1/4 ratio of merkins and plank jacks with a burpee between each.

2 more laps around the monument and we finished with several plank movements then Mary. We wrapped up with COT, Intentions and the Pledge of Allegiance. MY “thought” of the day for the PAX is a quote from Wesley Hunt who is running for Congress in Houston. “You don’t Lead when it is convenient, You Lead when you are Needed!” Until next time – SYITG. Vincent

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