3.2.21: Boondocks: Harbaugh Q

I’ve only been to the Boondocks once, but knew I had to Q there. It’s like The Abyss, just with a few more lights. And Le Pew is an amazing salesman.

So I arrived early to get a layout. Really, I needed time to figure out what I was gonna have the PAX do. I had my board from yesterday in my trunk and realized that there were 13 exercises. BILLY MADISON TIME!

0515: No FlipFlop in sight so I figured it was safe to give introduction and disclaimer. PAX: Cochran, Le Pew, Bulletin (R), F-Stop, Verbal (FNG), and YHC at the helm.

We grabbed our coupons and walked a short distance for CoP. Could have left the coupons at base, but my brain hadn’t quite woken up at that point. SSH, Abe Vigodas, Toy Soldiers. DD (RL, RR, LR, LL), Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps.

The Only Thang: Billy Madison x20 reps with a 50 yard down and back after each set. Exercises: Curls, LBCs, Overhead Press, SSH (SC), Calf Raises, Lunges (SC), Plank Jacks (SC), Weighted Squats, Bent Over Rows, American Hammers, Coupon Toe Taps, Flutter Kicks, Bench Press.

Most PAX graduated. YHC dropped out after Freshman Year to marry Ms. Veronica Vaughn. So pretty! Want to touch the hiney! OOOOWWWW OOOOOOOOH!

CoT: CoR, NoR, Naming of the FNG, Intentions: F-Stop’s Uncle, Le Pew’s grandmother, Hospice workers, Unspoken. Ended with Our Father.

It’s great to get out and lead at other AOs. Drawing strength from brothers you don’t see often enough. Humbled to be able to be a part of this group. Thank you for your support.

-Harbaugh out. Go Bucks!

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