BB 8/7/2020 for Pleasantville w/ WILDflower

Another beautiful crisp morning! Man this early August weather has been uncanny!! HIM’s have been soaking it up all week.

PAX: Holy Roller (R), Focker, Colonel Clink, Malpractice, Porkchop, WILDflower (Q)

Started with a warmup lap around the “circle” with a few merkin stops (20 each stop)…moseyed w/ coupons down to amphitheater. Circled up….

Monkey Humpers
Copper head squats
Toy Soldiers
IMP Walkers
Ddog stretched out
Partnered up…one partner ran a loop around the sidewalk while other partner AMRAP’d these exercises (then swapped):
Purls (curl into an overhead press)
Sadies w/ coupon
Squats w/ coupon
S crushers
Big boys
Wrapped up with some Mary
25 gas pumps (IC)
10 Da Vinci’s (IC)
10 man makers courtesy of Holy Roller
Announcements, intentions, Thankful to the Lord for these bodies he has given us to get up everyday and encourage each other. This will never get old.
Peace – WILDflower

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