BB Pelican Q Wisteria 8/21/2020

Wasn’t sure what numbers would look like this day as Pleasantville gets random people dropping in as it is and the monthly ruck was that evening. There was also a first official workout at the Garden. It had a marketing campaign like new Coke and is also the self proclaimed hardest working AO in the region. So I would guess it would draw huge numbers since the BlackOps that had been hosted by the County boys there hovered around 20 the last couple weeks. They did have 22 but that’s like a down day at the County.

Anyways I was pleasantly surprised when we started with 10 PAX and got to 11 once Fertile Myrtle found Stick Up and us at the bottom of the amphitheater.

PAX in attendance were

Le Pew
Brown Water
Fertile Myrtle
Stick Up
Captain Crunchberry
Holy Roller (R)
Pelican (Q)

For COP we did some things that most likely included Toy Soldiers as well downward dog and stuff. We didn’t do any SSH since I still couldn’t feel my calves thanks to Le Pew’s Q Tuesday. I’m still very thankful we had a mutiny and didn’t go back up on nuclears. Free to lead and to modify!

After we finished warm ups we had to go up the steps so we did box jumps. At each step you added one jump to how many you did. So by the top we did 8 in a row. It didn’t dawn on me until after the workout that Captain Crunchberry hurt his hand on these a few months ago at one of my Qs and is still having issues. I mean he literally talked about going to the doctor right before we started. Also you shouldn’t use your hands for box jumps, I’ll explain that better next time we do them.

We went over to the park thingy with the lights for the main Thang—Pass the PAX. Every lap had a different exercise that we had to do 10 reps of at each light pole. The catch was if there were already 2 HIM there you went to the next pole. This led to some variety and allowed for us to keep our space. I sent 5 one way and 6 the other.

The exercises were—


Plank Jack Merkins

Squat Jumps


Clap Merkins


Gas Pumps

I think the furthest anyone made it was the clap Merkin lap. Holy Roller went the other way so in my mind I did more than him but we all know I didn’t. Also somehow Fertile Myrtle and Stick Up stayed side by side the entire workout. No sure what part of the instructions needed to be more clear but whatever. The last lap or two really sucked-Brown Water and Backflop got some space on me and I was having to stop at every light.

We got somewhere between 1.95 and 8 miles in depending on the tracker you used. Also Airplane wasn’t there or at the Baptizer but he was at the Chopper. One day he will come to one of my Qs.

We had time for some Mary and did gas pumps, flutter kicks and something else before we started stretching. Closed with countorama, nameorama, announcements and intentions. In a direct shot at me Le Pew mentioned his first few workouts where he couldn’t do 5 merkins or push ups but the PAX were there to keep him going. That’s what it’s all about getting better together. I hope everyone enjoyed the workout and got somewhat better this morning.

Side note-GQ apparently locked his keys in the car and was trying to find a hanger to unlock his car. Malpractice living up to his name suggested using a coupon to smash the window and get them out as Kentucky has window replacement covered under insurance. Like he really suggested that….luckily AAA was called and I assume came to the rescue. If not GQ is still standing shirtless by his car.

Side side note-there is now a Snoop emoji on slack. Not sure how or who did it but my life is now complete

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