8/25/2020 IPC Week 0 @ Poshlands Back Blast

It was 10 after 5 when YHC pulled into the parking lot to get set for the IPC. I wanted to get there early, get some measurements done and have a back up plan due to invading group of people that continues to grow regardless of how expensive it is. Anyway, as other cars started rolling in the group size looked promising for this test run at Posh. And then they got out of the cars, waited on one an other and carried all of thier yoga mats directly into the center of the path the PAX were about to take to fulfill today’s challenge. MODIFY.

At 5:30 no other F3 Louisville IPC participants had arrived so I packed up all the accessories that were laid out and made sure the flag was securely planted just in case there was going to be some late arrivals. To get this thing kick started I had an abbreviated stretch and moseyed over to the egg lawn.

Grateful that I had arrived early to set up a back up 400 Meters around the loop, I started at Mile Marker 0.0. Hit start on the watch and proceed to get busy. First round of exercises, I’m still ok. 400M, slower than normal but still putting one foot in front of the other. 2nd round, tougher but still would consider it ok, 400M a little better now that the blood is pumping. 3rd Round, BBSU’s have begun taking their toll. 1st weakness noted – CORE, 400 meters about the same as round two. Round 4 – Last push. Gave it everything I could. Few pauses here and there during the exercises and then an all out mosey to the final cone of the loop. Hit stop on the watch and to my pleasant surprise – under 30 min. That was the goal!

It was at this point I realized the last 400 meters was at the complete opposite side of the park from the Truck. Oh well, get better, time to mosey back to the flags as usual.

Arriving back at the flags I was greeted with claps and words of encouragement from the other workout groups in the park. Sorry Captain Insaneo, no shirtless pix for the warm up week. My time was recorded and the hardest (hopefully) part of my day was now complete. See you IPC guys next week!!

-Stick Up

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