BB-Pelican at the Foundry 8.26.20

The work done by Alexa and Dauber has turned the Foundry into one of the busiest workouts of the week in the greater County area. At least when other people Q it. On this day we have the perfect social distancing number of 10. For some reason the site Q had some concerns if I would actually show. I’ll have him know that I woke up about every hour on the hour that night so was ready to go a few minutes before the alarm went off.

Ten in attendance were-Dauber, Backflop, Meter Maid, Brown Tail (R), Launchpad (R), Holy Roller (R), GQ, Asian Zing (R), Fructose, Pelican (Q)—-still no Airplane.

My phone broke earlier this week at the boondocks (I think Cochran did it cause he thought I had some comprising pics on it from WILDflowers Q and he has resolved to tighten up security there after the data breach the previous site Q allowed. Also they have 2 site Qs there which is pretty cool I think). With that said my usual awesome playlists were in jeopardy so I felt the need to find something new. Rest assured play lists are back but I found a pretty good new amazon playlist guaranteed to raise your spirits. If you’d like to find it look for the 420 Evergreen mix. Did you know there are over 50 songs about smoking weed cool enough to make it to a playlist? I didn’t but I think GQ and Backflop did.

We did a quick COP consisting of stuff that included Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers and some arm stuff. Did not do downward dog and stuff but I like typing that so felt the need to call that out.

We circled up for the Thang which was the same but different than a lot of the coupon exercises we normally do. We did 4×10 of each exercise but made sure our form was crisp and the pace was slow. Spent more time on the release than normal.

Exercises were as follows-



Shoulder press

Calf Raises

Bent Over Rows


Up right rows

Big Boi Sit Ups

Highlights of this work included the second exercise which had a scratch n sniff feel to it. About the time we started a garbage truck passed by and there was a familiar odor (to some not me) coming out the window. Another included GQ making it at least 5 minutes with his shirt on which is a record. Dauber found a new Snoop song he said he liked but it was before he knew it was Snoop. Backflop knew a lot about the blueberry weed song or whatever that was. Holy Roller had some funny things to say about bowls and stuff but I couldn’t hear him all the way. One song was so offensive even Fructose wanted it changed! And lastly Meter invented a new exercise called See-Saws, ask him for a demonstration.

After saying intentions and announcements we finished up with all the PAX headed to the gas station for some snacks on the way home.

Another fun County morning!


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