9.1.20 BB IPC 2020 Week 1 @ Posh

T’was 5:20 on a Tuesday morning and YHC followed Jitterbug into the park with Deep Dish in the shotgun seat. Harbaugh pulled in just as we planted the flag. Today was already won by getting some guys out to the park this morning! The fog was so thick you couldn’t see the mass gather of people but the lodge but you could hear them. For once, everyone followed the directions for the night before and met in the coupon lot to get some stretching in prior to the work out. It was also great that all the pax were ready to rock and had already watched the explanation video the night before. During some of the mumble chatter it was also evident they all read Pelican’s back blast and were beginning to psych themselves out about the up coming pain we were all about to experience. 525 hit and a quick run down of the exercises was given, more last minute complaints were made, some silent prayers on YHC’s part and GO!

Other than not being able to get oxygen out of the air the first few rounds were not horrible. As expected, things started getting tough. After the 1st minute of BBSU’s I felt like I was making pretty good time and decided to check the watch. Big Mistake. Waaaaayyyy behind the time I was hoping to see at that point. No biggie the guys are still cranking them out so I will too.
At this point there were more grunts and I personally complained more than Crockpot when he knows snoop is on the playlist. Keep Digging.

As the pax were starting to finish up words of encouragement and motivation were being given. The beasts grouped together and picked up the six until the last rep was completed.

Announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

I am thankful these fine gentlemen joined in the fun this morning. There is no chance I finish that entire workout on my own. Can’t wait til next week! SYITG!

Stick Up

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