BB – The Foundry @ The County 9/2/20

Complements of Meter Maid

Who knew you could have so much fun at 5:30 AM on a random Wed! Where do I begin? Let’s start from the Beginning…I woke up at 4:45 ahead of my alarm because of some extremely heavy rain pounding down on my roof. I immediately thought today is gonna be one of “those” days in the gloom. I popped out of bed and immediately started creating a 2nd weinke in case we would do the entire WO under the portico at St Als. No surprise there, I was planning a simple, but effective Tabata WO.

9/2/20 The Foundry @ The County
Meter Maid
Double Down (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Brown Tail (R)
Backflop (Q)

So I heated up my coffee (as I normally do) and went out to the garage to get in the car. As I made the 10 min trip to St. Als I couldn’t help to think that today was going to be a blunder. Not that I’m known for excellent WO’s, but I was thinking this is going to suck and I wasn’t going to bring a good work out to the PAX.

I arrived and noticed multiple PAX were parking over by the overhang to keep dry. I followed their lead and met them over there. We packed under there like COVID sardines. Look it up, covid sardines is in the urban dictionary. However, we were all 6 feet apart, but we were still packed 12 HIMs deep under an overhang.

As it started to downpour, I was looking at Dauber, who is the site Q for the Foundry, like a 2 year looks at his Dad before he jumps off the diving board for the first time. “Dad, is everything going to be okay?”

Just like a man with 4 kids (Dauber), he gave me a nod and we were set to get wet!

It was then Meter Maid offered is waterproof Bluetooth speaker. I was like, dude I appreciate the offer but I am not carrying that and a coupon in this mess.

COP included – 10x GG IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, 20x SSH IC, Downward dog stretches, quad stretches (ole Backflop fav)

THANG numero uno –

De Tour around ze County (in my best French accent) – the idea was to carry a coupon from one station to the next. You can carry it however the heck you want. Just carry the damn thing. Oh and no running Holy Roller…more on that later!

We walked to station one under the basketball goals. This is where we did 30x Thrusters IC. I’ll never in my life call out 30x thrusters in cadence ever again. If Pelican would’ve stopped talking I could hear myself count to 30…we did 28-30 ish. I blame it on him if I short changed you fellow PAX.

We then made it to the parking lot that parallels the football fields. I had the PAX line up in a row and coupon bear crawl from the cone to the closest island. (I’d say it was a good 50 yards). Good job guys. Your football stature is looking good.

We then walked over to the play house where we did 30x coupon step ups. 15x each leg. Mumblechatter was just heating up at this point.

From here, we had a decently long walk to the front parking lot at St. Als. A quarter of the way there, Holy Roller, GQ, and Focker (and later WILDflower) would think it’s a good idea to run with a coupon. I let them have their moment of glory. I yelled ahead that they needed to do Manmakers until the remaining PAX showed up. That was like music to Holy Roller’s ears. We showed up eventually to 3-4 PAX cranking out manmakers. Here we did 30x elf on a shelf. 15x reps each side (right and left). It’s important to note that on our tour de county, this is where kids are dropped off and picked up for school. I thought elf on a shelf was somewhat symbolic of picking up and dropping off. (Not a kid, but a coupon).

We then carried our coupons to the old church at St Als. It’s here where we did a “prayer” coupon hold for 30 seconds. Try doing that with a soggy wet coupon!

We stayed in position to do 30x overhead press, which I said was like praising Jesus.

Then we walked to the back lot and busted out 30x coupon overhead flutter kicks 4 count. If you weren’t wet before, now you are definitely wet. More on FOCKERS “wet” comment later. It’s a classic one that will “Stick” with me forever.

We then made it back around to the overhand and since this is where most of the fried fish oil/grease is carted off during lent, I thought it was fitting to do 30x dips. Get it? Dipping fish into hot oil?

And then I saved the best for last, the dumpster squat. Everyone was in anticipation to see this new version of a squat. Pelican was even excited. Much to everyone’s dismay, I said a dumpster squat is just a regular squat next to a dumpster. Yes I am a dad and my jokes are horrible. Once we completed 30x coupon squats by the dumpster, we walked to the nearest island to us in the main parking lot.

It’s here we wrapped up de tour of de county.

I instructed the PAX to do Merkins at the start of the first parking space. We counted out 10 parking spaces. As you tick up in parking spaces, you do that # of Merkins until you reach 10 total. You also carry your coupon with you the entire time and sit it down to do your Merkins. We finished that up, which by my count is 55 Merkins. Shout out to GQ for not listening and going every other parking space. I thought he was on number 20 when everyone else was on 10.

We turned around and in the same fashioned completed 55 Bent over rows walking with our coupons from one parking space to the next.

With 6 minutes to go, we picked up our coupons and headed back to the overhang area. Here we did Mary with some gas pumps and big boy sit-ups.

BUT, the best part of all is when Focker said, and I quote “I always get wet when I come.” It was the most awkward silence at the county I’ve heard in a long time. Of course he was talking about how it always rains at the county when he shows up. Duh!

With that, I will exit this back blast rather quickly and say, I appreciate you HIMs. You inspire me to be better and instill wisdom in my life…there’s nowhere I’d rather be at 5:30 on a Wednesday morning (in the rain) than with you guys.

Ended with an Our Father

Till tomorrow, Backflop

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