Back-Blast Thursday 09-03-2020 – “One of those mornings” at The County

It was just one of those mornings.  I needed a rest day, but I had the Q so I dragged myself out of bed and out the door.  After the rain soaked workout yesterday, my shoes were still drenched…so as I slid on my shoes there was a distinctive squishing sound and my socks were soaked.  Forecast was calling for a lot of rain, but as I pulled out of my driveway it was not raining…started sprinkling about halfway to The County and was a steady but light rain as I pulled up to a stopped train blocking the crossing.  So, I diverted around the train, hit a big pothole, and arrived to see only one other vehicle in the lot…maybe it would just be me and Holy Roller doing burpees for 45 minutes?  Nah, as the rain picked up so did the PAX numbers.  So…like I said…It was one of those mornings.  A freaking AWESOME morning.  
Focker walked up shirtless (didn’t even start with a shirt today) and with his skullcap on Holy Roller noted that he looked like a swimmer.  I laughed and thought…yea, a swimmer that would do laps with a 50lb ruck on.  Started raining harder.  Amelia rolled in which was awesome as he has not been in the gloom much recently…pretty bada$$ to jump back in on a morning like this.  Our fearless Agony site Q, Gisele, made the executive decision to keep the flags dry as we neared 0530 and it started raining even harder.  Launchpad, Pew Pew and Mud Bug rounded things out and we were 8 strong.  PAX – Focker, Launchpad (R), Pew Pew, Mud Bug, Holy Roller (R), Gisele, Amelia, Dauber (Q)
Disclaimer was given / confirmed and I warned the PAX that had not read the pre-blast that we were going to run and be on the ground a lot to work the core.  It was pouring.  We started with a mosey around to the front lot and the rain picked up even more…monsoon level at this point.  We circled up for COP – SSH IC x30, Grass Grabbers IC x10, Toy Soldiers IC x10, Downward Dog, Mountain Climbers IC x20, Plank Jacks IC x15, Groiners IC x10
We then made our way over to Mt Mercy River for the Main Thang #1 – Mount Mercy 11s.  I think I was screaming out the instructions over the driving rain as we waded over to the starting point.  Not sure if anyone really could hear completely but they got the general idea…sets of 11s with both exercises completed at each telephone pole as we travel up Mt Mercy Drive River.  First set was 4-count Flutter Kicks / BBSUs….Holy Roller and Focker took the lead as we moved up river but everyone was pushing ahead and we stayed pretty close together, and once finished picked up the six.  It was a lot of quick bursts of running and even more get down and get back up action, which everyone seemed to appreciate with about 4 inches of water flowing down the street.  With the first set complete, we travelled back down river at a solid pace with the option of alternating with Bernie Sanders at each telephone pole.
Once back at the start, Amelia took a quick break to run to his truck and get a towel to dry off before the next set of 11s (maybe he really went to grab his phone since he was on call).  We started the next set of 11s,  4-count American Hammers / Reverse Crunches, sans-Amelia.  The rain was picking up…it was not coming down in biblical proportions.  The PAX were spread out almost the same as the first set of 11s and as we got to the end I noticed Amelia had caught all the way up even starting late…solid work (he must not have had a towel in his truck…he was not dry).  
We were running short on time and decided to try to complete the last set of 11s heading back down Mt. Mercy.  I estimated that we would probably get about 75% done and need to take a shortcut back to end on time, but the PAX killed it on the last set of 11s ( 4-count Freddie Mercury’s / V-Ups).  Not only were we already pretty whipped at that point, but being completely soaked was like wearing a 10lb vest.  As we were huffing it on this last set, Focker noted that I can get up really fast…so I think that’s my F3 strength…getting up fast (I’ll take it).  Not only did we complete the 11s, but got done fast enough to fit in a full run back and ended almost perfectly on time.

We circled up for CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions (Menice family (sp?), my man Focker, and all those unsaid) and final prayer.  This morning was one of those mornings that make F3 so special.  The 7 men that joined me this morning are truly bright lights in the gloom, beacons for those in need, and guiding stars for those who are lost.  It is hard to keep that perspective when times are hard, but it is the truth.  We are sinners and we are fallen.  We make mistakes every day.  We get down on ourselves and others at times. We are just men…but we are making a difference.  I needed this morning more than a rest day and more than I realized.
Planning on a rest day tomorrow…might SYITG anyway.

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