Back-Blast Monday 09-07-2020 – The Incubator @ The South Posh

I’m gonna keep this back blast short (kinda) and sweet.  Certainly not the norm for me, but I think I can sum this one up more succinctly than my usual ramblings.  This morning was about stepping out of your comfort zone and being rewarded for it. I generally post at The County or the GTA (Boondocks, Station, North Posh, Pleasantville, Friday @ The Garden), and it is always good to post and Q further away from your home AO as you get to know some other PAX. That was the case this morning for me and I suggest everyone try to step out to other AOs as much as possible.  PAX – SweetTART, Greenwich, Dynamite, Schotzie, PK, Harbaugh, Stick Up, Dauber (Q)
I got to meet Greenwich and Schotzie for the first time. Schotzie promised to hit The County soon for a WO so I am holding him to it. Harbaugh has been a man on a mission since the gloom reopened and he gave me extra motivation knowing he was going to Q the Abyss right after our workout. It has been so long since I saw SweetTART that we were talking about the last time we worked out together at NP and it was definitely winter weather because he remembered me talking about being sick (I don’t remember exactly but I was likely not sick and just complaining because it was cold). I also had not seen PK or Dynomite in a while so that was cool, and Stick Up rounded out our crew this morning. It was great to see all you guys. 
Ok, here is a quick rundown of the workout…Disclaimer was given / confirmed and we moseyed to the coupon lot for COP: SSH IC x40, Toy Soldiers IC x10, Grass Grabbers IC x10, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Downward Dog, Climbers Taps IC x20 (i.e. Money Moves) We stayed at the coupon lot for the Main Thang – Manmaker Suicides…Coupons set at one end of lot with three cones evenly spaced out the length of the parking lot.Various suicides completed with different exercises, but every time you returned to the coupons you did 3 Manmakers. Suicides Sets:- Countdown of 4-count Flutter Kicks at each cone (30, 20, 10)- “Gallops” (Lunge Walk with each leg followed by a Broad Jump…invented at the record-setting Dauber / Pelican September Derby Co-Q)- Countdown of 4-count Freddie Mercury’s at each cone (30, 20, 10)- Bernie Sanders to come and sprint back- Countdown of 4-count American Hammers at each cone (30, 20, 10)
We hustled back to the flag and had time for a quick set of Reverse Crunches and the shortest plank ever. We circled up for COT with CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions (prayers for Dynomite and his M, as well as the family of Donovan Hayslip who passed away a little over two years ago…today is his birthday). We ended with a final Our Father. 
Thanks to Stick Up for pushing me to get out and Q The Posh this morning.

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