BB 9.8.2020 IPC week 2 @ Posh

After a personally disappointing finish to Week 1, YHC was determined to do better in Week 2. And, of course, its a rep count challenge rather than timed. No biggie, we are ready for this. I arrived early at Posh to measure out 25 yards, create an exercise board, and stretch. Well timed PAX arrived early enough to get a run down of how this week’s challenge is going to be run and make sure we have enough room to stay spread out. Much like the County, we used a 25 yard measurement between two spot rather than a wheel with spokes. Worked Great!!

It was 5:30, the playlist was cranked, and the 43 minute timer was set. 3-2-1 GO! The four of us began our trek around the 1/4 mile loop and arrived at the starting spot about the same time. It was evident, the PAX was ready for this! As we progressed through the first round, YHC started to show where Dauber’s Q of man-makers the day before was starting to come into play. All the PAX kept pushing though and we continued on. A little past halfway through round 1, we had the guy that drove through the middle of the Incubator workout on Monday, decide he would rather park right in the middle of our 25 yard, lite up cones and go for a walk. The fine, upstanding gentlemen that are F3 Louisville greeted him with a good morning and keep working through the round.

Starting round 2 and looking at the watch, if we pushed we could get through more than 2 full rounds (personal goal for YHC ). During the run, it felt like my shoulders would tear through the shirt and for the first time ever, running felt like a break. This time the exercises were, as to be expected, tougher than the first. Pushing one another and giving encouragement kept all PAX pushing through the buzzer. 43 minutes had come and gone. 4 PAX were better!

This week was a great set up. It allows one to stay present in the suck and not look forward to whats next. The guys next to you, chasing you, or in front of you, will aid in pushing your self past your perceived limits. Big THANK YOU to Mr. Hat, Harbaugh, and Jitterbug (R), for showing up and putting in the work with me this morning! #NotOYO

-Stick Up

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