BB – 9/10/2020 the Inferno at the Station

As I mentioned in my PB, I would make mention of the alarming numbers of Veteran Suicides. Several years ago there was a push-up challenge. There were an average of 22 Veteran Suicides a day. So people were challenging to do 22 push-ups and so forth. The numbers haven’t appreciably changed. I was challenged by a former Mentor of mine to do 22 push-ups. Since I had the Q, I figured I would spread the word.


1. Cratchit
2. Holy Roller
3. Fungi
4. Honey Do
5. Captain Crunchberry
6. Iowa
7. Shoeless Joe
8. Kimble – Q

Introduction and disclaimer were given followed by intro to challenge. Pax agreed and we did 22 Merkins IC.
COP Was mainly stretches: Toy soldiers, Grass Grabbers, DD/runners stretches, quad stretch, and ended in my 2.0’s invention, the Pretzel Hug. Grabbed coupons and moseyed across the street to the insurgents building where we each grabbed a parking spot.

The Thang:  I like ladders, but I like many different exercises so we advanced a rung with each cycle instead of starting at the bottom each time. After an exercise, we moseyed around the building. Since tomorrow is 9/11 and we were next to a Firehouse, the mosey was always facing the firehouse. Bernie from your spot, Karaoka to the left, run forward, Karaoka to the right then Bernie back to your spot.

10 Halos, 20 Monkey Humpers, 30 Dips, 40 Chest Presses, 50 Jump Lunges, 60 (2ct) SSH, 50 (2ct) Flutter Kicks, 40 Calf Raises, 30 Curls, 20 Dry Docks, 10 KBS. A few Pax finished and went back up a few rungs before time was called.

COT: Announcements about golf scramble and Satterfield signed football raffle. @Alexa and @ Mommasboy have monthly Ruck.

I started reminding the Pax to pay it forward and bring awareness to Veteran Suicide. I also thanked those 1st Responders that sacrificed their lives during 911 and those present today that continue to protect us. Shoeless Joe lost his mother last week so keep his dad and family in prayers. Positive front Tidwell’s mother had a scan and things look positive.  Intentions offered up to the Sky Q. Left Pax with msg to make a positive influence on someone today!!


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