IPC Week 3 at the County 9.14.20

So week 3 was much easier to set up than week 2. We already have use the 400m loop for 2 weeks during IPC (counting the practice week) and you only needed a little bit of space for the work. Besides running you had to memorize 2 exercises and just drop 10 reps each round. Easy enough—to remember not to do.

PAX started rolling in and we hit 21 including 2 that started Saturday, Moab and his 2.0 (good dad or bad dad??!!?, good dad) Seal Pup. Jolly had to make some adjustments to the timer given new peeps (also Tidwell!) and Devitto had to keep his own time. I gave a quick disclaimer that I am not a professional and would never come up with a workout like this. I explained the workout once (Le Pew wasn’t there so it only took one take) and then this week everyone wanted to warmup. We did Grass Grabbers, SSH and Michael Phelps. Then the PAX below grabbed a spot.

Asian Zing (R)
Bulletin (R)
Colonel Klink
Honey Do
Seal Pup (2.0)
Brown Water
Double Down (R)
Captain Crunchberry
Jolly Rancher
Brown Tail (R)
Pelican (Q)

For IPC I’ve been expanding my playlists. James Harden’s pregame mix failed him so we moved on from that. Usually no 2.0s at IPC so we can play explicit lyrics—until today oops. Luckily I had the playlist of one of the best musical duos around who will drop some f bombs but more rely on their dope lyrics to get their point across—OutKast. I think Dauber thought I called him an outcast as he set up about 100 miles from us all. Backflop liked they song about Loving these ummm garden tools. Zing started singing along to Hootie Hoo (no he didn’t but that would have been cool). It was clear I nailed today’s play list.

Back to the workout…man it was hard. A run and then 100 merkins would have been a tough workout in itself but to continue going down the ladder with squats and merkins was brutal. Oh don’t forget the runs…one time I thought a train was coming after me but it was Klink passing me by. Another time it sounded like a real fast tiny go kart coming blazing past me but it was just Backflop. If you want to see a list of who passed me on a run just look up above to the attendee list. As people started finishing my favorite part of IPC started happening again—picking up the 6. Once again I was lucky enough to have a spot by Bulletin (shoes on whole time today) who was pushing me throughout. I also got to see Double Down killing it right in front of me. WILDflower finished my squats with me and Dauber helped me complete the last run. Amongst others I saw Focker helping Moab bust out some merkins and Honey Do completing some extra runs with the PAX. You know who didn’t pick up the six, Airplane cause he wasn’t there but I know he would have if he was there.

Not going to lie, my merkins form got a bit suspect at the end but I did my best to maintain some semblance of respectable form. My squats seemed on point but my guess is they got a bit further from the ground as we went on. This workout was definitely hard and in a different way than the other ones. We all got through it and we did it together.

We finished with countarama, nameorama, announcements and intentions. Announcements include Zing at the Loco tomorrow, a ten mile ruck with Jolly on Sunday and the monthly ruck on 9/25. Intentions were said and then we wrapped.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the teamwork and the push IPC is giving us. But I cannot wait until I’m writing next week’s backblast.

Until next time


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