09/17/2020 Back Blast ToG @ The O

In digging through some old stuff in the basement, YHC stumbled across an old pile of books containing some “Choose Your Own Adventure” titles. Thought this would be a great way to get all of the PAX involved in a WO. Questions were created and corresponding exercises were selected based on the answers. Pretty simple and a ton of fun.

COP: mosey to the tennis courts and circle up for the following.
25 SSH IC.
15 Grass Grabber IC.
15 Toy Soldier IC.
Downward Dog, L/R calf stretch, L/R runner stretch.
Kendra Newmans


Based on the questions asked and answers given the following adventure is what the pax chose this morning:

From the tennis courts mosey to the left and around to the flags. 30 Merkins, 30 Squats. Mosey to the second softball field. 25 V-UPS, 25 Mountain Climbers. Bear crawl across the field to the other sidewalk. Bernie Sanders to the corner closest to Cannons Lane. 10 wolverine burpees. Broad jump half way back across the field. All you got towards the softball field to the light poles. 15 burpees. Mosey to the RCA parking lot. 20 T merkins. Line up along the fence and broad jump burpee to the parking curbs. Repeat back to the fence. Mosey lap around the horse park and back to the parking lot. 20 Merkins, 20 Jump squats. Mosey to the flags!

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, Walker birthday wishes, announcements, intentions, words or thanks.
It was truly an honor to lead the 14 Pax through the morning. Mumble chatter was on point, work got done, day started of right! Thanks again Gentlemen!

Stick Up

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