BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/18/20

Rule #1 of F3 fight club, don’t erase the Q’s white board. Dammit Pelican. Okay, I’m not mad. I hated the burpee part anyways.

So….I’ll start by saying thank you to Jolly Rancher for bringing his entire extended family to make it one of the largest crowds I’ve seen in Pleasantville on a Friday. Thank you sir.

As I rolled in with 6 min to go, I noticed there must have been 10+ PAX already standing there ready for the disclaimer and opening bell. I went ahead and set up my lights and posted up my white board. This time I was going to be damn sure my new Bluetooth speaker works. Tested it, yep, check check.

We gathered around. I gave the disclaimer that I, Backflop am not a professional, but Blackflop (what Holy Roller put in on the calendar) may be a professional. We may never know. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Pelican strutting up 30 sec-1 min late. And he gives Holy Roller crap for being late??

I also told Focker to slow down, it’s just a warm up mosey. Not a race. Ha!

PAX included 18 HIMs –

9.18.2020 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

  1. Cratchit
  2. Tidwell
  3. MOAB
  4. Seal Pup (2.0)
  5. Squid
  6. Pelican
  7. Soft Top
  8. Meter Maid
  9. Shoeless Joe
  10. Iowa
  11. Jolly Rancher
  12. Lucky Charms
  13. GQ
  14. Captain Crunchberry
  15. Brown Water
  16. Time Share
  17. FOCKER
  18. Backflop (QIC)

We moseyed and circled up for COP under the pavilion.

We did the typical 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10x Toy Soldiers, Downward dog stretches and quad stretches.

The THANG – (and yes my music was finally playing out of my new speaker)

PAX started up the side of the amphitheater with a bear crawl. Once you reach the top, 5x burpees. Then run down the hill back to the pavilion to start #1 exercise. Each time you completed the exercise, you run to the top of the hill, do 5x burpees and run back down to perform the next exercise. Once you complete the round of exercises, start it all over again.

You would think it’s pretty straight forward, but Pelican needed a 2 hour lesson on it. He came prepared with the 20 question game. Meter Maid was encouraging him too. Thanks MM. Oh and he erased half my WO on the white board. Well, just the part that sucked.

So I digress, the exercises went as follows:

50x SSH’s 4 count

50x Plank jacks 4 count

50x Merkins single count

50x Big Boy sit-ups single count

50x flutter kicks 4 count

Start it all back over again.

We ended with 20x gas pumps IC.

Count o Rama. Name o Rama

COT – I thanked the PAX for coming out and prayed for courage. I told them how my family would always pray the serenity prayer before dinner. So that’s just what I did. I said a prayer for courage and wisdom. And it goes like this, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

– Backflop

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