BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 09.22.2020

It was great getting back out with the Bayside PAX. It feels like it has been forever since I have been at my home AO.

Shark Bait and I showed up a little early for some pre-WO reconnaissance. I brought something new and wanted to make sure my spacing and exercises would work. Everything looked good so we headed back to the car just in time for the rest of the PAX to start rolling in. Banana Bread was the first one to show, he made it just in time to complete his pre-workout activities. He was followed by Birdie, Firing Pin, and Slugger who rolled up the the M’s Hoosier-mobile. Shuttlecock and Schotzie pulled in just in time to start. We took off for a mosey around the parking lot even though we were missing Mr. Consistent himself, Charolais.

We made it to the front of the school and circled up to get stretched out. As we started our SSH, we were happy to see Charolais’s truck slide into his parking spot. He joined the group just as we began our grass grabbers. We focused on our shoulders and legs for the remainder of the stretches, they were going to be our focus for the day.

Once we were nice and warmed up, we took off for another mosey around the parking lot and returned to the front of the school.

Thang 1:
Today’s WO took us three times around the clock. We found a spot on the curb or elevated circle and I explained the exercise. We started with an inclined merkin (12 o’clock). Next we pivoted to a merkin with the left hand on the step and the right on the ground (3 o’clock). The derkin was next (6 o’clock) and then right hand on the step with left on the ground (you guessed it, 9 o’clock). You get the picture, each movement was 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest as we worked our way clock-wise up and down the incline.

Incline merkin
Left hand on step
Right hand on step
Incline sphinx
Wide w/ left hand on curb
Diamond derkin
Wide with right on curb
Shoulder tap incline
Right hand reach w/ left on curb
Shoulder tap derkin
Left hand reach w/ right on curb

As it turns out, 40 seconds of merkins x 12 is a fair amount of merkins. Especially for those that were still recovering from last week’s IPC. Additional note, wide-grip offset merkins and diamond derkins are a special kind of fun.

Thang 2:
After taking another lap around the parking lot, I explained the second round of fun. This time we only had three rounds of three exercise with the same work/rest ratio as last time.

Box jump
Step-up with high knee
Calf raises

When the timer struck midnight, we were all ready to go home. Fortunately though the timer was done, the clock still had two and a half minutes for Mary.

Shuttlecock and Birdie lead us in the big boy situps and roll-up crunches, respectively. The clock struck 0615 and we circled up at the flag.

COR, NOR, announcements (Q school and monthly ruck), intentions (Praise – Charolais’s 30 wedding anniversary, Prayers – Banana Bread’s family and our community as a whole)

Always a blessing to be in the gloom with the Bayside Brothers!

Until Next Time,

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