BB Squid Q – Agony @ County 09.24.2020

I showed up about 15 minutes early and the only other car in the lot was the creepy stalker SUV that was slowly driving around the parking lot. About the time they left Asian Zing pulled up. Shortly after that the rest of the PAX showed up. LePew came in with the most energy by far. He was feeling a whole lot of “Come at me bro!” over all the nonsense going on around us. Fortunately, our secluded corner of the gloom was just as quiet as usual.

Weather – Intermittent slight drizzle with typical early fall temps

Asian Zing (R)
Bulletin (R)
Shark Bait
Honey Do
Squid (Q)

After giving the disclaimer, we took a short stroll around the parking lot to get our heart-rate up a little. We performed some typical warm up exercises and stretches.

The one and only Thang for the day:
We lined up on one side of the parking lot. I had a list of exercises written on a board. We performed 10 reps of the exercise, sprint to the other side of the parking lot, 20 reps, mosey back, 30 reps, sprint across again, 40 reps and mosey back. After that, move on to the next exercise and keep climbing the ladder until time was up.

The intended exercises were:
Bobby Hurley
American Hammer
Jane Fonda Left side
Gas Pumps
Jane Fonda Right Side
Big Boy Sit-Ups
Smurf Jacks

Most of the PAX made it to the big boy sit-ups. It was clear that pretty well everyone had a new found love-hate relationship with Jane Fonda. We found some new muscles in and around our hips. Two days later and squatting down is still a challenge.

Just before 0600 Pelican’s BO crew came in and with them went Honey Do. He was the only one tough enough to do 100 deconstructed burpees before he went and crushed the IPC.

At 0615, we wrapped up, caught our breath and circled up around the flag. NOR, COR, announcements and intentions. I prayed us out and hopped in the Prius before I got roped into a second round of IPC.

As always, it’s great to get out with dem county boyz!

Until next time,


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