09.28.2020 Back Blast The Incubator @ Poshlands

It was a year ago (plus two days) since Deep Dish brought me out this thing. It took some convincing and nagging but finally I agreed to come. 5:30 am was not a big deal like it can be for some. The idea of showing up to a park, in the dark, in J-town (some “different” people out that way…..), to follow direction from a non-professional named Backdraft or “Q”, through a bunch of exercises with weird names and counting rituals sounded like a cult to me. Sort of hesitant. Luckily, “surviving a cult for a year” is one of my bucket list items so I agreed to join Deep Dish and friends.

Today was my way of saying Thank You to the HIMs I have met over the course of that year and also for pushing my through the limits I thought I had. The only way I know how to do that with this crew, is to plan a beat down that should last a few days. Lets give it a go….

Dry Rub
Pickle Ball (FNG)
Pew Pew
Lady Bird (R)
Iceman (R)
Bob Ross
Short Change
Stick Up (Q)

COP: 5:30 rolled around and YHC started with the disclaimer. Mosey to the coupon lot for warm up. 30 SSH (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), Downward dog, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Runners Stretch, L/R Pigeon Stretch, 5 BOYOs. Mosey to the egg lawn.

The Douglas Hills Clown Car aided YHC setting up cones in a “5 on a die” design. We broke off into goups and started at each corner. The corners were labeled as:
1: Side to side hops (4ct)
2: Flutter Kicks (4ct)
3: Lunges (4ct)
4: Gas Pumps (4ct)
The Center cone was Jump Squats (both hands touch the ground)

The objective here was to perform 1 rep at the first cone. Run to the center and perform 2 reps of Jump Squats. Run to the next cone (counter clockwise direction). Perform 3 reps of that exercise. Run to the middle, 4 Jump Squats. Run to cone 3, 5 reps. Center, 6 Jumps squats. Hopefully by now you can see how this ladder work was setting up. We all continued through the ladder until time was called and the PAX lined up along the one end of the square facing the center of the lawn.

Partner up (for spacing purposes mainly). P1 bear crawl to the far end of the box and mosey back, while P2 performs AMRAP jump squats until the return. Switch. Continue Jump squats until the 6 finishes. Next, P1 Bernie Sanders to the other side, 5 Bonnie Blairs (each leg), Bernie Back. P2 Bonnie Blairs until P1 returns, dont stop until the 6 finishes. 3rd round, P1 Broad jump across, mosey back. P2, Big Boys. Switch, continue while waiting on the 6. Round 4, repeat round 1 with the Bear Crawl. Once this was finished, we moseyed back to the flags for some Mary.

15 Jack in the boxes (IC), 15 Flutter Kicks (IC), 15 LBCs (IC)

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, Welcomed FNG – Pickle Ball, announcements, intentions. I thanked those who showed up today and encouraged the newer PAX to jump into this thing with BOTH feet. I am truly blessed to have been dragged into this and have seen the personal growth from surrounding myself with true HIMs. THANK YOU F3 LOUISVILLE!!

-Stick Up

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