Back-Blast Wednesday 10/07/2020 – The Foundry Heavy Q School @ The County

I was definitely looking forward to Q school this morning as it was a built in excuse for me to talk even more than usual.  This might shock some of you, but I very much enjoy the sound of my own voice and I feel like I have important things to say most of the time (these thoughts often come to me during Airplane’s COP).  I was planning to go off script a bit from the very strict Q School guidelines provided by our benevolent yet iron-fisted 1stF Q, but then I noticed Jolly had arrived conspicuously in a new car so I spent a minute studying the very helpful two-page edict.  
PAX:  Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Backflop, Pelican, Holy Roller (R), Launchpad (R), Brown Water, Hush Puppy, Bulletin (R), Brown Tail (R), Dauber (Q)
Extra time was taken to explain the components of the disclaimer and PAX confirmed (after prodding multiple times for some who were slow to respond).  We grabbed our coupons and shuffled (no running in a Heavy Q…also, generally coupons or some sort of weight is used in a heavy…just saying….not naming names) over to the real Foundry for COP.  We went through the basics of calling exercises and counting, and most importantly that “in cadence” should not be called if the exercise is not going to be in a multi-count cadence (that is “single count”).  We went through 4 of the 5 core principles of F3 while doing SSH IC; Toy Soldiers IC (basically a requirement for County WOs); Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps (I love these because it is a great time to talk); Grass Grabbers IC; Merkins single count.

We stayed in place for the Main Thang which was a Coupon Tabata-style workout.  Tabata is a great workout to plan if you are new to Qing as it allows for exact time planning and ensures the PAX can push themselves and also easily modify where needed.  I had to give a nod to our resident “Pure Tabata-ist” (Pelican) who complains constantly about Tabata requiring 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest.  Pelican complains about TONS of stuff…Tabata timing is just the one most relevant to this particular back blast.  So we set the Tabata timer at 25 seconds of work with 10 second rest and hit 6 sets of each exercise (Coupon Chest Press,  Flutter Kicks – Coupon Overhead,  Coupon Squats,  Coupon Bent Over Rows,  BBSUs with coupon optional, Coupon Lunges, Coupon Curls, American Hammers with coupon optional).  More important than the exercises was the wisdom shared about music.  Most workouts should have music and certainly Heavy workouts, but if your music choices suck it’s okay to get help.  I offered the PAX a choice of acceptable Heavy workout music genres – Rock, 80’s Rap, Taylor Swift.  Brown Tail took the lead and requested all three…that is a true HIM!  So we started with 80’s Rap (Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Kid n’ Play) and all agreed it should just be called “Rap” since all the stuff after the 80’s is kinda crappy anyway.  We switched to Rock and hit the jackpot on my shuffle with all rock ballads (Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Poison)…Brown Water named that tune on Meatloaf with only 2 notes played.  Backflop and Meter were killing the BBSUs and still gave their best effort to match Bon Jovi’s high pitch key.  We closed out on a high note with some Taylor and Katy Perry before hustling back over to the flag to end right on time.  We worked the core during the main thang, but was glad Pelican pointed out anyway that I had skipped Mary even though it was explicitly required on Jolly’s Q school mandate.  While that was true, Jolly later mumbled “good Q Dauber” with a bit of disgust as he got in his car so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

We circled up for the fifth and final F3 core principle…the Circle of Trust.  A quick CoR, NoR and then announcements (some Foundry-specific news was shared as I will be passing the site Q torch to a HIM to be announced shortly…he is gonna kill it!).  Intentions were shared and we ended with an Our Father.  Thank you to everyone there today and across F3 Louisville.  I love you guys.

– Dauber  

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