BB- Cloverfield Q School at The Garden 10.8.20

Another awesome morning in the gloom. Lower 50s, no clouds, no rain, just the smell of napalm in the morning…well, maybe not napalm… but you get the picture. Nothing like stepping outside for workout in the gloom when the weather is like this.

This is my first go round with Q school as a member of F3. And certainly as a site Q, so I feel fortunate I got to check out Worm’s incredibly well prepared Q on Monday, and Nice and Slow’s Q on Tuesday. Q school is to encourage others to step up and Q…here’s my encouragement, if I can do it, you can too. Just ask Diane Dukes if 15 years ago he thought I would get up at 0 Dark Thirty to workout, let alone lead one. You can do it, and you can do it well. It’s incredibly humbling and an honor. Now for what we did and who was there…

The Babe
Mr. Roper
Husky (R)
Peacock – FNG
Natty Light
Sub Prime
Jimmy Neutron
Jewel – Q

Disclaimer was given. Special attention to the modify as needed and the here of your own free will portions. Those are fairly important.

COP consisted of a mosey up the Hill of Stolen Souls and down the Baptizer with random stops along the way
1st stop – SSH – these were elongated to 50IC to wait for a couple latecomers at the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls.
2nd Stop – Abe Vigodas and Copperhead Squats at the top of the main parking lot by the construction

The one and only THANG: Billy Madison: 12 exercises with a run in between. Finish 1st Grade and move to 2nd grade, but you perform the previous grade each time. Oh yeah, the run, it was to the top of the Baptizer, to simulate my difficulty with school. The goal? Easy, graduate. Each grade has 12 reps of each exercise

1st Grade: Curls
2nd Grade: Lunges (single leg)
3rd Grade: Overhead Press
4th: Wipers
5th: Merkins
6th: Wheezy Jeffersons
7th: Tricep Extensions
8th: Squats
9th: Flutter Kicks IC
10th: Mt. Climbers
11th: Manmakers
12th: Kraken Burpees – you think I forgot?

To my knowledge, no one made it past 9th grade, but all earned an honorary degree, because at 0612, we stopped and skipped grades to perform Kraken Burpees until 0615. No matter how often I Q, those things suck just as bad as the time before.

Circled up, named our FNG, Kilo discussed GrowRuck, called the Garden the hardest working AO in the region, and I lost track of everything after that. Intentions were said for Nino’s M’s Uncle. Please send prayers for him and their family.
Always a humbling experience to lead this group. Some incredible people are involved with F3. I am so grateful to be a part of it.

SYITG – Jewel

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