BB- 10/9/2020 Q School – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Yep, there was a quiz. I figured after a week of Q School, we should all know the Five Core Principles of F3. The PAX scored 100%! Well done! As a reminder to me, Free of Charge, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Peer Led, and Ends with CoT.
Things went like this:

Said I was Holy Roller and Backflop added “not Holly Roller” which I quickly replied that was my ex wife’s name and no, we would not be using that name here… Disclaimer and definitely not a professional (they already knew this). Modify as needed. Don’t get hurt. Forgot to count, so about half way through the workout, when Hushpuppy took a short detour, (seen Focker do a similar detour in the past) I decided that we needed to count off so we would finish with all of us and know that there were 10.
Jolly Rancher
Mud Bug
Rubber Duckie
Holy Roller
Started with Downward Dog stretches, we did a short mosey with our coupons to the light and did a little more CoP there with our coupons. Overhead holds, slow bent over rows. I explained the workout: We would mosey at your pace to the next intersection (Pleasantville has a lot of pleasant intersections) circle back and pick up the rest of the PAX. Working together at the intersection, we rolled the dice (Yep, Holy Roller rolled the dice) and together did the work that was rolled. Then on to the next intersection. Not sure how many intersections we did maybe 6 or 7. Ended back at the light for some Holy Roller Mary. We did, with coupon, a curl/overhead press combo, slowly. Then incline merkins/stand up with coupon exercise. And for the last 2 minutes we combined those into an incline merkin/stand up/curl/overhead press with coupon exercise. Jolly Rancher wanted to call it a “manmaker”. But we did no burpees – as promised.

CoT – Count (yes 10), names, announcements – Convergence in the morning, Ghost Q’s, Holy Roller Boondocks Q on Tuesday. Intentions – unmentioned and talked about Trust as I was preparing for the Q School, looked up what Trust means – believing someone or something is reliable, good, honest, or effective. I have learned so much through F3 and learned to trust in the PAX. We all need to put our Trust in Christ, the Rock. Isaiah 26:4 Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord himself is the Rock eternal. Ended with prayer for us to be a Rock for others.

Holy Roller

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