10/13/20 Back Blast GrowRuck21 “Recovery” @ Bayside

After nearly two months of shirking responsibility to be the Q, YHC was told by a little @Birdie that today was an opportunity. Coming off of an amazing experience like GrowRuck21 gave the kick in the pants I needed.

We posted at 05:30. I proclaimed that I was the QIC (Q In Charge) like @Chicken Little did at Convergence. Next I provided the usual disclaimer that I was not professionally trained and that not only the health but also the life of the PAX was in their own hands. Suggested to modify as needed considering some of the Thangs would be a taste of the GrowRuck21 activities.

We moseyed to the coupon stash and then to the well mowed soccer field next to the elementary school. Those who arrived first planked till the six arrived. We began COP with a series of exercises. We had SSH (IC), High knees/quick feet till I called out down for a turkish gitup then repeated , 5 burpees (OYO), 3 cobras (OYO), 13 grass grabbers (IC), 15 sec standing quad stretch (each leg).

Took PT test from GrowRuck21 and used shorter field, less reps, and less laps: Sprint to other end 5 burpees, sprint back 5 coupon thrusters, 5 laps total.

Next: Bear crawled to midfield; 4 exercises: Merkins, 1 (left) or 2 (right) Roll and Plank, Plank builds (IC), Bear to Roach. Back to coupons.

Grabbed kwikgoal sandbags and did farmer carry to midfield, switched hands and finished on other end. Did 25 SSH (IC), returned the sandbags and dropped off the coupons and finished at the flag.

COT: No intentions today but let the PAX know how impactful this past weekend was. We must take the opportunity to lead. Others in our society and world are shirking responsibility thinking they are taking advantage of the crisis. In reality they are being conditioned for mediocrity. I was thankful to have #Charolais on hand as I wanted to publicly thank him for head locking me in January of this year.

Closed us out with a prayer of thankfulness and acknowledgement of how much we need each other and God above.

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