BB-Pelican Q Incubator @ South Posh 10.12.20

I knew after GrowRuck weekend I’d be super tired and Q’ing that Monday would be the last thing I’d want to do. But I signed up and stepped up to lead. I know you are probably thinking-Pelican you didn’t do GrowRuck. Sure but Primetime had a birthday and had 7 of his friends sleep over Friday night. Then he had three games and a family party Saturday and then his actual birthday was Sunday. Saturday was spent getting pictures from his friends parents of all them sleeping. That boy knows how to throw a rager. The bourbon levels did seem a bit low but I’m not sure I checked them after the last time Backflop was here so not sure who to blame. They are all the same height anyway.

Back to the workout. In the pre-blast I promised something similar to GrowRuck but realized it wasn’t going to be like it all. With the exception of three key things—1) it was at Posh, 2) Stick Up was at both events and 3) Airplane was not at either event.

The PAX were rolling in, even Hush Puppy who tried to join the moms group. I think he was looking for some help with Overflow and Muncher first but thankfully made his way to our meet spot. We ended up with 14 PAX—
WILDflower (DR from Florida)
Hush Puppy
Jitterbug (R)
Bob Ross
Dry Rub
Diane Dukes (said he’s switching his home AO to the County)
Stick Up
Brown Tail (R)
Double Down (R)
Lady Bird (R)
Pelican (Q)

I think in Louisville Stick Up was the only person who did GrowRuck and posted on Monday. At first I thought he was a bad ass but then I realized that it had more to do with me than him. Not in a good way, he’s worked hard as site Q at the Incubator and didn’t want to see me ruin his good work. Don’t blame him at all. I’ve been known to skip IPC Mondays but to date haven’t fart sacked an actual Q that I’ve had to make up.

We did a short mosey to the parking lot near the egg lawn for COP. We did 10x Toy Soldiers, 10x Grass Grabbers, 13x Copper Head Squats (cause I realized I passed 10 when I got to 12), Michael Newmans and then downward dog and stuff. Stuff included Cobra or Scorpion or whatever else you want to call it.

We then got ready for Pass the Pax. Jitterbug remarked that he hated it, which I’m not sure why as he didn’t know what we were doing. Probably just doesn’t like me. Pass the pax is where 7 guys run one way and 7 run the other. When you hit one of the 0.1 marker you did 10 of the prescribed exercises. If two other PAX were there you went along to the next free marker. If you somehow made it all the way around with no exercises you did them at the board. The exercises were as follows below—

Plank Jack Merkins

Jump Squats



Someone asked if you could go all the way around without doing exercises. Technically yes but in reality no. The first lap I noticed 3 PAX at the same spot—so much for giving them instructions. I sufficiently chastised them using multiple pejoratives (learned that word today) and it didn’t happen again. Along the way I got teamed up with PAX I haven’t met or talked too much such as Dry Rub and Pickle Ball (cool name). I also saw shirts started coming off and not just Fockers. Side note last Q I had where FOCKER was there he kept his shirt on the whole time, was weird. Through the first 3 laps I had a good mix of PT and running—a couple times I sprinted to the next marker to put off burpees just a bit longer. The last lap I was with Double Down and we hit every marker and had to stop for V-Ups. The only thing I did more than V-ups on that lap was say well at least it’s not the burpee lap. Double Down is a HIM and gave me a courtesy laugh each of the 47 times I said it. We finished up with everyone going somewhere between 3 and 4 laps or 2.1-2.8 miles. Except for Stick Up who circled back to pick up the six so he was probably closer to 3 miles or so. We ended with some round robin Mary with different PAX calling out different exercises as we waited for everyone to gather—it included Merkins, American Hammers, Gas Pumps, etc.

We ended with countarama, name o Rama, announcements and intentions. Stick Up entertained us with stories of GrowRuck…somehow I didn’t hear the part or he purposely left out him spilling merlot. Regardless the rest of us were in awe—some were ready to sign up for next year and others started planning their kids birthdays on that weekend. We prayed for Double Down’s sister Rita and then had a moment of silence for those intentions unsaid.

It was a great start to my week and hope everyone else there enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until the next time,


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