Backblast 10-13-20 @ the County

What a better way to finally have my V-Q then to have 19 HIMS show up with almost perfect weather of 49 deg.  The stars were bright and the show began.  After a quick mosey to the upper parking lot we began our stretches. SSH (20), Toy Soldiers (15), Imperial Walkers (15), Downward Dog with Cobra, Grass Grabbers (15) and Kendra Newmans rounded out the warm up then a short run back down to our coupons. 

Thang 1: HIMS lined up along the sidewalk and did seven plank jacks followed by a run to the other side of the parking lot then seven burpees with a return run to where they started.  The next three rounds were the same with the exception of doing bear crawls, Bernie Sanders and another run.  Listened to some AC-DC followed by Boston to show how hip I am with the music.  Thang 1 complete- this is easy I thought.

Thang 2: We did a quick run around the islands to keep the heart rate up before grabbing our coupons and getting ready for some Tabata.  This was setup for seven sets at 20 seconds on, 10 second rest (I heard complaining recently when the 20-10 wasn’t strictly adhered to, so who am I to draw unnecessary attention on myself with such a social faux pas).  So I started the Tabata- and the same two songs from Thang 1 started playing (crap, no time to unscrew this, we just get to listen to Thunderstruck twice- just like my kids do when we travel).  First seven sets were chest presses followed by flutter kicks..  Now another issue popped up, I was losing my voice, or at least I sounded like a 52 year old hitting puberty again.  Luckily a few Hims heard my feeble attempts at announcing the next exercise and it was quickly disseminated.  Third exercise was curls followed by hand release merkins, bent over rows, then LBCs.  We got one set of overhead presses and it was time.  

Once complete, a quick COT around the flag.  No FNG’s so onto name-a-rama with 19 in attendance then announcements and intentions. Those in attendance:

Jerry McGuire (R )

Lucky Charms



Bull Rider

Meter Maid

Mamas Boy


Crock Pot

Double Down (R )


Captain Crunchberry

Jolly Rancher

Honey Do


Asian Zing (R )

Pew Pew


Launchpad (R )(Q)

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