BB – The Agony @The County 10/15 HushPuppy Q

PAX (9): Pelican, Holy Roller(R), Cratchit, Backflop, Pew Pew, Big Bird, Launch Pad(R), DeVito, HushPuppy(Q)

Conditions: 60°+ Winds around 10mph

Pulled into the County and to my surprise was actually the first to arrive. I planted the flags and set up my weinke board. DeVito was next to arrive and offered to help set up but no set up was really necessary otherwise. We chatted for a few min as the PAX began to roll in.

A quick disclaimer was given. The PAX today were all regulars at the County with no FNGs. That said introducing myself was pretty easy.

We set off on a mosey to the front lot where we hit the following for COP

SSH IC (10) Grass Grabbers IC (10) Toy Soldiers IC (10) Downward Dog , L over R, R Over L, Left Left and Right Right called out in Focker fashion. (Even though he Fart Sacked)

Another short mosey around and behind the Chapel where we got our shoulders warm. 1 Carolina Dry Dock followed by 4 air presses, then 2CDDs and 8 Air press, then 3 and 12 and so on. We went until each of us had an opportunity to lead the count. I think we got to 9 and 36 which was good enough since I didnt want to make anyone count twice, thats my excuse atleast.

We then returned to our coupons where the Thang began:

25 Merkins 25 Over Head Press, 25 Curls, 10 Thrusters. Followed by a big lap around the county. For an added challege I added 2x up and down the steps at the rear of the school.

After completing the first round the exercises changed. 25 Big Boys, 25 Flutter Kicks (4 count), 25 Mountain Climbers (4 count), 5 Man Makers. This one was also to be followed by 1Lap + Stairs x2.

We had time to partially Rinse and Repeat resulting in a total of 3 Laps. We used the second set of exercises as mary with no lap or stairs for the final round.

Among all of the action I was informed by Holy Roller that he got rear ended on his Harley yesterday and still posted. Thats just…hardcore. He said his back was a little sore. His back seemed pretty alright to me considering I was trailing him the whole work out. I heard Pelican mention that he heard one of my playlist songs on his sons 2k video game. Some dude named Scott Travis or Travis Scott. Just glad the PAX didnt consider it gangster rap this time like they did when I played Beastie Boys and Drake at my VQ. Everone knows Drake’s street cred is questionable but I guess his sound can be a bit gangsterish to the untrained ear.

We circled up at the flags for intentions and announcements. We lited up some prayers for DeVitos aunt, and for an F3 brothers 7 month old son Hudson, who they lost quite suddenly this month. We ended with an Our Father.

We owned the Gloom! Good Work Gentlemen!!

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