Back Blast – Kapowski @ Bayside – 10/29/2020 – Jolly’s VQ at MLCHS!

I took a stroll out to Bayside a few months ago on a whim – just to say hey to the fine HIM out in the Eastern District of F3Louisville. I also announced at that time the upcoming Ghost Q Week. Well, it didn’t take long for Sadie to hit me up to come back and be his Ghost Q. Unfortunately, he had some travel today and couldn’t be there, but Charolais took good care of me…particularly with the uneasy weather forecast and how to plan and coordinate a Plan B, if needed.

Making a trip out there isn’t a bad thing, because I took the opportunity for some cheap gas in Simpsonville. Now that’s planning ahead!


  • Pickle Ball
  • Charolais (R)
  • Schotzie
  • Birdie
  • Aerobie (R)
  • Nan Moore
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

As I made my drive out east, the rain kept letting up more and more. It was a game time decision on whether to try and run a weinke under the bus park portico on the other side of the school or to take the chances with the rain. I sent a quick text to Charolais and said I’m a gambling man and we were going to stick with the ginormous parking lot up front for the weinke. Seriously. If you’ve never been to Bayside it has the largest, most emptiest parking lot you’ll ever see. It even has yard markers – be careful though, when it is wet they get a little slippery. These guys are putting in work and if you’ve never made the trek, you should. Show them some love.

Just as I was about to call time, a random Honda Pilot pulled down Discovery Drive. So, we waited them out until they emerged. I was a bit worried that maybe I had the wrong day and it was another Ghost Q. Much to my surprise, it was none other than Aerobie and Nan Moore. As they joined the circle, I realized that Aerobie literally was hobbling up in crutches. I quickly said a quick WTF to myself – is he crazy? Has he forgotten that there’s no way he can do this with crutches? But, you know what – that didn’t stop him and that’s an extra level of awesome to see and witness. Mad respect, Aerobie.

I gave the disclaimers and made it a point to apologize to Aerobie and made sure he was comfortable modifying. Unlike me, he is a professional and was well prepared and ready to get busy with us.


  • 10x – SSH IC
  • 10x – Toy Soldiers IC
  • 10x – SSH IC
  • Downward Dog + Runner’s Stretches
  • 10x – SSH IC
  • 10x – Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10X – SSH IC
  • 10x – Hillbillies IC

Thang 1 – Merkin Bear Crawl Jack Webb

Catfish ran this at a convergence back in April 2019. I have a love / hate relationship with it. But, it’s a great workout to get the heart rate moving quick. Again, slippery on the stripes of the parking lot but we all survived.

As we did this, Aerobie planted himself down and laid in the rainy and wet [freaking astronomically sized] parking lot and started to work on some merkins and bench presses with his kettle bell.

Thang 2 – Suicide 11s

Started at one side of the yellow striped yard markers [I’m pretty sure it’s a full 100-yard football field parking lot. I’m telling you, it’s bigger than Kilo’s head!] and started with overhead presses with the coupon and then the goal was to go to the 10 yard line, then back, then to the 20 yard line, then to the 30 yard line, then back, and lastly to the 40 yard line for big boy sit-ups. I didn’t originally plan on the big boy sit-ups, but Aerobie was inspiring to me during Thang 1. He didn’t care that it was wet because he was wallowing around like a pig. And, I felt like we needed to join him.

As most PAX know, except Charolais, 11s are ran where you start with 1 rep of the first exercise and when you get to the other side of the movement you do 10 reps of the second exercise. And then next round to increase to 2 and decrease to 9 – and rinse and repeat so that each time it equals 11. The PAX were making our way through the set and I asked Charolais what round he was on – he was lagging behind a little; wasn’t sure why. So, as the PAX finished we all joined him – and it was at this time we realized that Charolais was completing 10 big boy sit-ups the entire time…each round. This is after he announced before the workout that his mid-section was sore from a prior workout. Sorry man – I apparently failed Q school with my directions.

It didn’t matter. He killed it and we all supported each other – including Aerobie, who was still moving and making it happen.

Thang 3 – Four Corners

As noted previously: Largest. Parking. Lot. Ever. Seen. East. Of. The. Mississippi. I’m pretty sure Google Maps had to move the satellite to take the complete overhead picture. It’s massive. So, we started with our coupons and did four corners, which included:

  • 25x curls
  • 25x squats
  • 25x overhead claps
  • 25x groiners

On lap 2, we reduced the rep count to 20x.

Aerobie at this point was still on the ground – throwing the weight around. It was inspiring to see someone not let their physical limitation stop them from doing something.

We returned the coupons back to the cache and took the long way back towards the flags [don’t forget: largest parking lot ever]. Here, we had just enough time to do a 1-minute plank.

It was about half way through that I encouraged the PAX to find their happy place to embrace the suck. Pickle Ball surprised me with a quick quip that if he does that then he’ll be a tripod.

And, it was at this point that I called time – out of the respect of Pickle Ball, I couldn’t risk it.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions.

It was great to join the HIM of Bayside today. As noted in my pre-blast, I’m a fellow Shelby County resident but this was my VQ at Bayside and really only my third time posting there. I owe these HIM more visits…great group of men. I encourage you to do the same.

Jolly Rancher out!

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