PreBlast: #Big Mo @ Vets 11/2/20

We are going to keep the Heavy spirit alive at Big Mo! The goal: get smoked with simple movements!

Bring your ruck, bring your coupon. We will keep it moving, and move heavy things in painful ways. If you have soft hands, I’d bring gloves. We will be on the ground a fair bit too. Oh, and don’t worry about the temperature, got enough planned to keep us warm.

And since I stupidly decided to do my VQ at Vets I made sure to have an AllStar support team lined up in case things go south. Tony Malito has been coaching me on my counting and cadence work and is ready to step in if I falter. Worm has promised me a lengthy and pithy BackBlast. Meatball will be monitoring the Vets air quality and responding appropriately. I have been assured a Kilo fartsack. Hot Wheels has promised to take notes and critique the COT. Cousin Eddie will be on hand to answer all your nutrition questions and may be handing out samples of delicious esoteric protein powder… or lubrication options, not really sure which. What could possibly go wrong?!

SYITG – No Nuts

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