BB Squid -The Nest @ County 10.31.20

A couple months ago I reached out to Pelican for the Halloween Q at the Nest. Little did I know what this was going to turn into. First, this ended up being Ghost Q week. I’m grateful that Pelican decided to let me keep the Q. Second, this was Pelican’s last Saturday as Site Q of the Nest and a lot of guys were ready to celebrate Cratchit taking over. Lastly, this was the first opportunity to take possession of the Ghost flag and the Garden came ready to claim it. All said, 42 PAX came out for a chilly Saturday morning at the Nest.

A lot of planning went into making this Halloween Ghost opportunity fun. I wanted to mess with Pelican since he has been playing games all week. That wasn’t going to stop today, he had one more trick up his sleeve.

I worked with Dauber to discreetly communicate with a number of the County boys. I wanted all that could to wear a jersey, or go so far as to dress like Pelican. Dauber took the cake, he wore a cap to look like he shaved his head and came in full Pelican gear. Several others looked the part, we ended up with over half a dozen immersion Pelican’s running around.

I also worked with Pelican to surprise the PAX. I showed up about half an hour early and parked out of the sight of everyone else. Shark Bait and I hid behind the building by the playground. Pelican started the WO and claimed to be the Q for the day. He has been building up to this all week and I’m sure there was little surprise when he stepped up to lead. The PAX took off for a short mosey towards the front of the school for COP. As the ran past my hiding place, Shark Bait and I jumped out and managed to scare the handful of guys at the front of the pack. About the time we started rounding the corner, Shark Bait asked me if I had looked behind us. To my surprise, there was a small army following us!

We made it to the front parking lot and circled up. Because there were so many in attendance, we did a quick count to make sure we didn’t lose track of anyone. At this time, there were 41 PAX including 3 mini-Focker FNGs.
Hard Wood
Jolly Rancher
Brown Water
Le Pew
Jerry Maguire
Nice n Slow
Mr Roper
Meter Maid
Squirt Gun 2.0
Super Soaker 2.0
Big Bird
Captain Crunchberry
No Nuts
Load Out (2.0)
Holy Roller (R)
Face Man 2.0 FNG
Barnacle 2.0 FNG
Tarzan 2.0 FNG
Viking (Showed up later to give us 42)
Double Down (R)
Diane Dukes
Momma’s Boy
Shark Bait
Squid (Q)

We started out with SSH and Dauber, in true Pelican fashion, immediately began complaining. We stretched our legs, did imperial walkers, knocked out some hillbilly walkers and wrapped up with a handful of burpees. (Since Holy Roller was in attendance, I knew I had to get a few of those in for him). After we wrapped up the burpees, we headed back around the church to the back parking lot. Shark bait and I grabbed our coupons from our hiding spot along the way.

We circled up again for our Tabata coupon work. I know Pelican is very particular to his Tabata structure, so I threw the structure out. I explained that we would do 32 second intervals with 15 second rest in between. We did 4 sets of each exercise.

Before starting the Tabata I played “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell. We held Al Gore for the duration of the song and performed 5 Monkey Humpers each time the song said “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.” By the end of the song the legs were on fire! Now it was time to get into the Tabata.


  • Merkin pull through
  • Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (This was clearly WAY too complicated for Pelican. See mumblechatter for his stance on this one)
  • Flutter Kicks with Coupon
  • Push up to Lunge (I was ecstatic to hear Dauber shout out “The Old Bay” recalling the last time I Q’d at the O)
  • Right shoulder roll (Apparently the PAX either didn’t trust me or didn’t hear me when I said we would run 4 sets on the right and then alternate. Several took the rotation left and right into their own hands)
  • Left shoulder roll (or whatever you want depending on how well you followed instructions the first time around)
  • Overhead Clap
  • Lion King (This one brought out various renditions of the Lion King soundtrack in several guys)
  • Windshield Wipers
  • American Hammer (with it without coupon)
  • Plank
  • Superman
  • LBC

We had a couple minutes to spare so we cut-a-flip until the clock struck 0800.

COR, NOR, manned the FNGs, announcements and intentions.

Pelican, great job leading the Nest. Looking around the circle of 42, it was clear to see the incredible impact you’ve had on so many men.

Le Pew, you always come to have fun. Your energy is contagious.

Cratchit, we know the Nest is in good hands!

Big Bird, great words leading up to handing over the shovel.

Jewel, I loved the enthusiasm when you routed that Ghost flag from the ground!

And for the rest of the PAX, the Nest was the icing on the cake to an incredible week. It’s always a blast to hang out with dem County boys!! (Especially when the Garden Goons come to crash the party!)

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Until Next Time,


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