Backblast – Loco @ The County – 11.03.2020 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Dearly beloved… We gathered today to celebrate the right to choose. Some chose poorly and went to another AO. Specifically, Dauber. He left Pelican standing all alone. He picked up a late Q at the Boondocks. Since I gave him no prior knowledge that I planned to poke fun at him (and Pelican) I won’t fault him.

The following PAX choose to come out this morning: Mrs. Dauber, Cratchit, Storm Trooper, Brown Water, Lady Bird, Jitterbug, Cartman, Crockpot, Lucky Charms, Gisele, Tidwell, Jerry Maguire, Asian Zing, Big Bird, Iceman, Alexa, Hush Puppy, Honey Do, Double Down, Jolly Rancher and Captain Crunchberry.

We started with a little COP consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers (From now on referred to as these things with the elbows and the knees.) Kendra Newman’s, Michael Phelps, and some downward dog.

On to the main THANG. The Wedding Day Q. This all got started with my 2.0, Honeybee. I don’t even remember the exact starting point. Bottom line, I said it would be fun to design a workout around the events that take place on a wedding day, she was all in, and is probably more excited to see how things went, more so than the PAX in attendance.

I asked the PAX to partner up. Partner 1 would perform the exercise, while Partner 2 would do the movement. We did 2 rounds of each. The playlist was started when the work began, and consisted of “Canon in D”, Bruno Mars – “Marry You”, “Wedding March” (Here Comes the Bride), Village People – “Y.M.C.A”, Sister Sledge – “We are Family”, Kool and The Gang – “Celebration”, B-52’s – “Love Shack”, “The Chicken Dance”, Semisonic – “Closing Time”.

THE PROPOSAL – Often this is the hardest part of a wedding for the groom. That decision to pick to spend the rest of your life with just one person. Hopefully you chose wisely.

  • P1 – Hydraulic Squats (Down on one knee, then both knees, then back up)
  • P2 – Mosey to the far island and back.

PREPERATION – Those that have been involved in a wedding, know the prep work is no fun. There is always a lot of back and forth on decisions. Sometimes it is simply waiting for your partner to make a decision.

  • P1 – Plank
  • P2 – Carioca

PROCESSION: Long, slow walking (unless it is an episode of The Office.) How many bridesmaids / groomsmen does one couple really need?

  • P1 – BBSU
  • P2 – Lung Walk

READINGS: This is probably where your guest take a break. They start looking at the program to see just how many readings there are, and how much longer until the reception, because you chose the beef option, and a slice of prime rib sounds pretty good right about now.

  • P1 – Merkins (20 count)
  • P2 – Hold Al Gore

VOWS: You (and the happy couple) are nearing the finish line. Pretty soon the officiant will announce the couple, and you can get to the party. You just have to sit still a little longer.

  • P1 – Flutter Kicks
  • P2 – Bear Crawl

HAPPY HOUR: That time between the ceremony and the reception that is kind of a sigh of relief. Your kids didn’t scream through the ceremony, or make a scene. You can smell the prime rib now. But first, a few drinks to relax.

  • ALL PAX: One mosey lap around the islands.

RECEPTION: You hit the dance floor, tomorrow your going to wonder what you did that made your legs hurt. Then you remember when you heard the Cha-Cha Slide, and you were 4 deep on the open bar, and you were the center of attention.

  • ALL PAX: EMOM Squats. I asked for a minimum of 15 squats. Depending of your form, some might have done more, but I can only assume Crockpot got his knees past 90 degrees, while the other 99.7% of us just got close.

WEDDING NIGHT: The playlist was timed perfectly that when we made it here Marvin Gayes’ – “Let’s Get It On” was playing loud and proud. Other than that, there is really no need for a description. It consisted of some Gas Pumps, and finished with a few minutes of Pickle Pounders.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: CSAUP (with a purpose) County Fair, November 28. Raising money for Blessing in a Backpack, 0530-0930, check Slack for donation opportunities. The goal is to sponsor 25 kids for a full year, @ $130 each (I think.)

INTENTIONS: Fungi’s dad. He has been in the hospital with COVID / Pneumonia. We are a strong group. Right now sounds like a time that we need to help one of our own. Prayers for Buzz.

CLOSING: Today is election day. I briefly spoke of the choices we have in life. Some have short term effects, others longer, some a lifetime. Today you get to help decide who will be President of the United States of America. Let your voice be heard, be the voice for those that can’t.

Until next time…

-Captain Crunchberry

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