Back-Blast Tuesday 11/03/2020 – The Planetarium @ The Boondock

I love Qing the Boondocks…it is simply the best.  There is literally always something weird or random on a Tuesday in the gloom at the Boondocks.  This morning I had a relatively straightforward workout planned with an accompanying playlist of some up-tempo 80’s rock.  Well…then COP happened.
PAX:  Holy Roller (R), Launchpad (R), Brown Tail (R), WILDflower, Abacus, Backflop, Focker, Le Pew, Cochran, Bulletin (R), Dauber (Q)
We gathered at the front lot – 11 strong for an elevens workout.  Disclaimer was given / confirmed, and we set out on a mosey about halfway around the baseball field for COP…SSH IC 30x (last 10 double time)
Toy Soldiers IC x10
Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps OYO.  At this point I commented on the bright moon which was casting a glorious glow on the usually pitch black Boondocks…and things went off the rail.  Focker shared an interesting / weird / false / made up / completely true / random tidbit that the temperature is actually warmer in the shadow of the moon than outside of said shadow.  This turned into immediate cross-mumblechatter and, honestly, from that point forward the morning was a blur.  Next exercise was Grass Grabbers IC 10x but I was unable to gather myself to effectively call the cadence as Focker was both defending his position while simultaneously backing off on it being a traceable difference in temperature.  We moved on to downward dog and Focker was so flustered he missed RIGHT-RIGHT which is a first in the gloom (he did rally for a LEFT-LEFT).  We finished COP with Groiners IC 15x, but I think most of us were trying to figure out how to measure our shadow’s temperature when Le Pew broke into a smooth rendition of Cat Stevens’ “Moon Shadow”.
So as we moseyed the rest of the way around to the concession stand, I adjusted the playlist on the fly to Cat Stevens greatest hits.  We arrived at the concession stand for the Main Thang…concession stand 11s (11s with one exercise at the concession stand and the other at the edge of the pavement…a pretty decent run distance).  We split into groups of 2 or 3 and stayed at the same pace as our group to push each other.  First Set of 11s were Dips and T-Merkins.  Moon Shadow came on about 3 or 4 songs in and that was a little extra motivation for the PAX.  Everyone was working hard, but there was enough mumblechatter to know that several PAX would be researching Focker’s bold statement about moon shadow temperature.
We wrapped up the first set and then split into new groups of 2 or 3 to again push each other and help each brother out.  We also adjusted to 7s due to time for the next set which were Box Jumps and Burpees, which we finished just in time to mosey back to the flag right at 0615.  
We circled up for CoR, NoR and announcements (County Fair Nov 28, county Qs in abundance tomorrow – Brown Tail VQ Foundry, Holy Roller Abyss, Le Pew The Tank).  Intentions were a little more lengthy than normal and even with all the silliness throughout the workout, we came together with some serious messages and thoughts. Prayers for those intentions shared, our fellow brothers in F3, and our nation on this wonderful day.  Ended with an Our Father. – Dauber

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