BackBlast – Holy Roller Q Escalator @ The Abyss 11/4/20

I arrived a few minutes early to take a drive around the park loop and finalize PT locations for our journey today. The one light in that park was actually on this morning when I pulled in. Of course with the amazing clear sky, we didn’t really need it, but was nice to know that it was there.
Mr. Hat pulled in early as well to get the flag set up. Two more vehicles with Uncle Sam and F-Stop and we were the quartet for the morning’s event.
Disclaimer, a little about our plan for the morning, and we got to work stretching (yes, with our coupon). Bent over rows, overhead stretches, Incline Merkins and one stretch without coupon, Grass Grabbers.
The main thing:
Mosey the 1.8 mile loop with coupon in tow, and along the way stop to roll dice and do those exercises we rolled (with coupon). After about 1.6 miles and 6 stops for PT, we were on the uphill climb and stopped for Manmakers (yes finally!) but only did 2…at this stop.
Moseyed the rest of the way and arrived with 3 minutes to do some Holy Roller Mary. We did some more Manmakers – slow 4 count to get the full effect. The PAX for some reason seemed thrilled when we counted 10 of that exercise and were out of time.
Strong men, well done HIMs! Thank you for inviting me out!

Holy Roller

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