Back-Blast Monday 11/09/2020 – The Motivator @ The Abyss

The Abyss was dark as usual, but the sky was clear, stars were bright, temperature was unseasonably warm, and PAX were ready to get after it this morning.  The Abyss regulars even commented on Flip Flop’s uncharacteristic early arrival (~30 seconds before 0530). 

PAX:  Holy Roller (R), F Stop, Uncle Sam (R), Colonel Klink, Focker, Mr. Hat, Backflop, Flip Flop, Stormtrooper, Brown Tail (R), Dauber (Q)
I was ready to get to work physically but was dragging a little bit mentally as Monday mornings tend to hit me.  So I skipped the pleasantries, gave the disclaimer and we moseyed one lap around the Abyss short track and over to the pavilion for COP…SSH IC 30x (last 10 double time);  Grass Grabbers IC 10x; Toy Soldiers IC x10; Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps; Downward Dog (this felt really good for a few of us who made that known….and made some others uncomfortable); Mountain Climbers 15x; Plank Jacks 15x; Groiners 15x.
We stayed at the pavilion for the Main Thang – ShortTrack Countdowns:  Countdown of exercise reps starting at 25 reps, 20 reps, then 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps (75 total reps in a “countdown”).  Between each set of reps ran 2 laps around the Abyss ShortTrack.  Once complete, continue running laps until all PAX are finished.  First set was 4-count Flutter Kicks.  Focker and Backflop had a lot of chili this weekend which became abundantly clear as I was next to them.  However it did not slow them down as they were leading the pack along with Flip Flop (not sure if he had chili this weekend or not, so it seems a stretch to credit a pot of beans and meat for their collective speed).  Some other PAX were out there in front also, but it is so freaking dark there I don’t know who it was.  I did see Col Klink and Mr Hat a few times from a distance due to their height.  I don’t recall seeing Backflop.
We completed the first set of countdowns and after a quick 10-count “jumped” right into the next exercise…Jump Squats.  I love Jump Squats because they suck…particularly as we were logging mileage on the short track.  Mumblechatter was light overall this morning.  I think it was a combination of heart rate, chili and the playlist (rock mix).  I generally catch some flack for my playlists but this one was pretty much universally accepted.
Next set was Reverse Crunches and although we had already run a ton of laps, no one was slowing up.  Uncle Sam in particular was pushing through every lap and even though I saw him turn his ankle at least three times he was killing it!  The usual suspects were out front but throughout the workout we were always within one set of each other which is a testament to the effort put forth.  Time was running short so the final set of countdowns would only be 25 and 20 reps which was the good news.  Bad news was the exercise was 2-count Jump Lunges.  Yea…the last few laps were wobbly to say the least, but we finished up right on time and headed back to the flag for CoR, NoR, Announcements (County Fair coming up…link is out on slack to donate to Engelhard Elementary Blessings in a Backpack program), Intentions (several were said…many are unsaid, but are in our prayers), and a final Our Father.
As always, it is humbling to lead you men.


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