PB: 11-19-20 The Agony at the Boondocks

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My first trip out to the Boondocks was an eventful one. It was the known as the workout that should never be spoken of again and started the phrase “what happens in the Boondocks, stays in the Boondocks”. Gisele must be a big fan of the Docks, as he decided to pack up our Agony and move to the Boonies, Docks that is. After many therapy visits, I was able to get the first experience out of my memory and I again realize what a great site the Boondocks is (except for when Jolly Rancher hypes up a meteor shower that never happened).

We will get after it tomorrow for a full body workout mixed in with some laps. Bring a coupon, gloves and a can do attitude, but please leave your wife’s cut-off jorts at home (I cannot afford any more therapy sessions).

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