Backblast – Gladiator @ The Abyss – 11.20.2020 – Captain Cruncherry Q

When I signed up to Q this, I expected smaller numbers. The Abyss is like a fine wine. Or what I think a fine wine would be. I don’t really drink too much wine, and definitely don’t drink fine wine. It is hard to appreciate this AO, unless you have been there a few times. Unfortunately it is off the beaten path, meaning it is if further than a few minutes from the interstate, which makes it a destination, not a random whim. Much to my surprise, I pulled up and it was lit up like a Christmas tree with all the headlights. In total, 15 PAX were present. NPT, Schlitz, Uncle Sam, Lady Bird (and Emma), Tidwell, Pickleball, Sadie, F-Stop, Mr. Hat, Maytag, Brown Water, Cowboy, Joanna (FNG – as in Chip and Joanna), Jitterbug and Captain Crunchberry.

Weather: Hovering around 48.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. COVID-19 is getting closer, so if you feel sick, go home, keep your distance. Aye?


  • SSH
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Kendra Newmans
  • Michael Phelps
  • Downward Dog

As I mentioned above, I thought the numbers would be small. Yesterday I got a call from Jolly Rancher, advising that Cowboy would be bringing an FNG. Then later last night, Sadie reported he would also be there with an FNG (who failed to show.) I have been trying to headlock a buddy that lives close out there, and had invited him (again.) So, I had decided that my original wienke would have to be put on hold. With potentially 3 FNGs, it was going to be too challenging. So I went back to the well, and pulled out a wienke I have ran before. It allows each PAX to move at their own pace, and not feel like they are dragging the group down. (When I first started I jokingly refereed to myself as the anchor.)


Circuit Work – 4 Stations, each with 4 exercises.  Pick 2 exercises, do 20 reps, and mosey to the next station.  The last station was just Burpees. On the way back up the hill, do the other two exercises.  Rinse and repeat.

Station 1 – Coupons – Curls, Overhead Press, Bentover Row, Skull Crushers (Tricep Extensions)

Station 2 – Legs – Squats, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, Calf Raises

Station 3 – Other Stuff – Dips, Stepups, Derkins, Incline Merkins

Station 4 – Burpees x 10


Because of the larger numbers, half the PAX “skipped” station 1, and proceeded straight to station 2. This provided groups of 7 or 8, depending on how we actually split up. But since it was all on your own, we eventually broke down into even smaller groups. While we were progressing through the stations, I was still trying to figure out who had actually shown up today. The one light at The Abyss has been out or off for a while. Insert reference to 2020, and the light at the end of the tunnel being turned off. So the only true light there is the light Uncle Same has for the flag. It is really cool, because you can star gaze all you want. It is really uncool that you are constantly guessing who you are close to.

As time started to expire, I collected the cones, and gathered the PAX as we proceeded back to the basketball court for some Mary.  Mary consisted of Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks, and American Hammers.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: CSAUP – County Fair is being postponed. The need for the donation doesn’t change. Keep an eye on Slack for updates, and keep the donations rolling in.

INTENTIONS: Lady Bird blended announcements right into intentions with a reflection on faith and freedom. Keep Mr. Hat and his M in your thoughts and prayer. Their last attempt for IVF was unsuccessful. I can only imagine the emotional toll this process has been for him and his wife.

THE REST OF THE STORY: Today was just simply about putting in the work. I closed out with thanks for the PAX represented there, and . I hope I was able to give each of them a little challenge, and a little sweat.

Until next time, O’ Captain my Captain.

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