BB: 11-19-20 Round and Round at The Agony at the Boondocks

round and round we go! - Merry Go Round EFE | Meme Generator

As I noted in my pre-blast, the Boondocks is becoming one of my favorite sites. There is plenty of room to spread out, lots of unique areas to use and you can always gaze at the stars. I also hit the Boondocks on Tuesday, as Jolly Rancher had promised ideal viewing for a meteor shower. However, to my disappointment, we only saw one shooting star (and I even missed this). Good news is, we actually saw 3 at the Agony and I didn’t even have to false promise anything.

I was trying to think through my Weinke on Wednesday night and I decided to pull out a workout that I do at home from time to time and it is a 9 round routine. I figured it was appropriate with the NBA draft the night before. This is big event each year for us UK fans, I know not-so-much for the UL fans. Speaking of the draft, I received a request from Tidwell on Wednesday night for a ride out to the Boondocks on Thursday. In case you haven’t spent too much time with Tidwell, the kid is an NBA savant. No, really, he is the Rain Man of the NBA. He can break down any roster. This was a good thing, because I feel asleep watching the draft and was able to get the full recap from Cherry Grove to the Boondocks. Feeling educated on the NBA draft, I was reading to lead the HIM’s through their own several rounds. We pull in the lot very early to get set up and there is a truck already there. I was thinking it was either a couple getting to know each other better, someone up to no good or Focker. Luckily it was the latter.

A few more PAX strolled in and time was called. The PAX were:

Holly Roller (R)

Bulletin (R)





Cratchit (Q)

After the disclaimer was read, we went through the COT:


Toy Soldiers (Jolly’s favorite, but he fartsacked my Q)

Grass Grabbers

Runners stretch (gotta do these when Focker is there)

We then headed down the very dark parking lot where I went through the workout with the PAX. It was a progressive ladder with 9 rounds. After each round, we would take a lap around the baseball field. Did I mention it was really dark? At this point, I could not tell if it was Backflop next to me or one of the little leaguers that got left behind. In all seriousness, Backflop deserves major props. The guy seems to Q every other day and now he is picking up Site Q duties left and right. It takes a big man to take that on. I digress. Here were the 9 rounds with the progressive ladder:

5 BOYO’s


15 Big Boys

20 Shoulder Presses

25 Squats

30 Curls

35 Bench Press

40 Flutter Kicks (4 count)

50 Bobby Hurley’s

There wasn’t much mumble chatter, so I knew the PAX were working hard. At one point during the lap, I really felt good as I was keeping up with Holly Roller. However, I realized he was just pushing me and acting as my pace car. He is a true HIM and that is just what he does. Once we made a turn, all I saw was smoke and I never saw him again. I was also wondering if the PAX were quiet cause they were just enjoying the rap playlist. Then towards the end Bulletin confirmed this was not true by letting me know “Cratchit, your playlist sucks!”.

A few PAX made it close through all 9 rounds and time was called. We mosied back up to the front and circled up for COR, NOR and then announcements and intentions. We discussed the changes going on for the County due to COVID restrictions and some possible options for future Nest sites around the County. Please continue to check Slack for updates.

Always a pleasure to lead such a great group.


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