Backblast – Loco @ The Station – 12.8.2020 – Captain Crunchberry / Lucky Charms Co-Q – Breakfast of Champions

Weather: Cold, but dry. I didn’t look at the actual temperature when I got there, but I’m pretty sure the forecast was for 25 degrees. It was cold enough that Storm Trooper and Cartman claimed it was right at the threshold of whether they could attend or not. But, they both showed up, otherwise I wouldn’t have know that. Really the cold was only a problem from the standpoint that I put on too many layers. I reached meltdown shortly after starting.

We started with some simple COP at the starting point to get loose, alternating between me and Lucky Charms calling exercises. We did Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers, Runners Stretch, and Michael Phelps. This lead us straight into a mosey lap around the campus.

As mentioned above, Storm Troop, Cartman, along with Honey Do, Jerry Maguire, Tidwell, Cratchit, Jolly Rancher, Ashley, Holy Roller, Hush Puppy, Brown Tail, and Gisele, joined Lucky Charms and Captain Crunchberry to debate our breakfast choices. To split the PAX into smaller groups, I asked for a show of hands, who liked chewy bacon. This was going to work perfect, surely half of these people like chewy, and half crunchy. Except I guess I’m the only one who enjoys chewy bacon. So we opted for round 2… Who likes Lucky Charms vs Cap’ N Crunch. I don’t remember the split there, but it wasn’t much better. So I simply divided the circle up, half went for a mosey with Lucky Charms, toward Central Avenue, and the other half with me towards the playground.

We met back up at the starting point to get into the Main Thang. I’m convinced that Lucky Charm’s group found a short cut on the way. They managed to beat us back by at least 10-15 seconds. But his group had Holy Roller, Honey Do and Hush Puppy. Including Lucky Charms himself, I think those are a few of the faster PAX we have at The County.

Lucky Charms led his group in a TABATA style workout, 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, 8 reps, alternating between Curls, and Tricep Extensions. Once complete, a second round of exercises consisting of Overhead Press, and Bentover Rows.

While they did the TABATA, my group worked legs. It was a variation of a Triple Nickle. Except I don’t really know what a Triple Nickle is. Mama’s Boy does it, it seems to work. What we did, was line up on the sidewalk, at the sidewalk, did 5 reps, and then broad jumps to the other side of the parking. Do 5 more reps. Mosey back to the top, and repeat 3 times. (I said 5, but Jolly said it wasn’t a Triple Nickle, so we did 3 instead, I think.) PAX continued down the list until Lucky Charms had finished his TABATA. The list for the legs were Squats, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, and Groiners.

Once the TABATA had finished, we reversed the mosey, and completed one more lap. Which again, they took the short cut. On this lap, I turned the corner down the hill on the far side of the chapel, and told Gisele that it was all arm exercises after that, don’t leave anything in the legs. So I kicked it up a gear. I’m not going to say I was at Backflop Sprint speed, but I don’t think I left anything in the legs. I arrived at the starting point to find Holy Roller, and Lucky Charms waiting. If you were in their group, and care to share the short cut you took, let me know.

We then flipped the stations. Lucky Charms moved his group to legs, and mine to TABATA.

We finished with just enough time to sneak in some Mary. Mary consisted of Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury, and Gas Pumps.

COR, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions.

I closed out with thanks for the group. 0530 is a crazy time to workout. It is even crazier to think about the disappointment you feel when you “miss” a workout. Some days you miss because you have a conflict. Others it just laziness. When you read the backblast, or hear mumblechatter at the following workout about that crazy Q, who lit a torch on fire, and led you through the park, listening to Chariots of Fire for 45 minutes you really wonder if that extra sleep was worth it.

Carpe Deim.

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