BB: No Nuts and Motor Boat Co-Q, BoW at The O, 12-8-20

Six PAX showed up to do something hard in the cold and dark this morning, including Harry Caray, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, Flo Jo, and Motor Boat and No Nuts as Co-Qs. We got right to work. A brief warmup including SSHs, Murcans, and stretching phased into a rucks-on indian file run down to the foot of the hill below Wham Island, near a great hole on Seneca Golf Course.

It was time for The Ascent of Man, an evolution involving ruck pass-throughs, phased army crawl (ruck on), ruck-drag Bernie Sanders, bear crawl (ruck on), and walking with ruck above the head, and ruck clean jerks, and then running back down the hill (ruck on), for a total of 3x. Then we ran back, indian file, to the tennis courts, where an intense bit of Mary wrapped it up, including flutter kicks, LBCs, gas pumps, and Murcans. After a less-formal-than usual COT with NOR, announcements, intentions, and prayer, we dispersed to the rest of a day that will hopefully get easier, compared to how it started.

The Pax were promised hard, and it was a truth in advertising sort of morning. Your co-Qs think keeping the skills and toughness developed during GR21 available and ready is wise, and we think that was a good feature of this morning’s beatdown in the Gloom. Thanks to the Pax for showing up and putting in the work. Russdiculous is always good for mumblechatter, Sump Pump is a protective papa bear for everyone on the roads, and Harry Caray and Flo Jo don’t know how to quit. It was a good showing. Keep getting out there and getting after it.
SYITG – MotorBoat and No Nuts, Co-Qs

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