Nino Uses a Kilo Worth of Burpees & Water to Grow The Garden 12.8.20 BB

Kilo & I met in January ‘13 when we went to training together for the company we still work for as Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. Kilo joined F3 in July ‘17, where he was given his name because of his profession & when he head locked me in December ‘17 I too was given my name (Nino Brown from New Jack City) because of my profession. Since ‘17 when Kilo & I began posting, we’ve accumulated 953 combined posts along with 236 combined Qs. Despite being best friends & extremely active posting & Qing we’ve NEVER co-Qd a WO until today. Here’s what went down.

In the PreBlast, I said things would start at 0530 & there wouldn’t be any CoP so at 0527 the disclaimer was given & we counted off…27 PAX, which interestingly enough didn’t include Catfish. About 5 seconds after this was realized I saw Catfish coming in HOT. In this moment there were several options of what to do: 

  1. Have the group wait for him to park & let them choose whether or not to heckle him.
  2. Have the group wait for him to park & encourage the group not to heckle him.
  3. Get things going to see if it flusters him.

I had the first half of the WO so the call was mine. I chose Option 3 starting the PAX off around the back on a mosey & as we came around the island to the back row of parking ole Catfish whipped his car into a spot only do find a big ass boulder waiting to greet his bumper (not sure if this means he was a flustered but it was definitely memorable 🤭). We continued to the bigger lot where the PAX lined up in a straight line for a lil Zig-Zag action to get the legs loose & heart rate up (see below). 

After all PAX got to the end I asked them to find a parking space along the sides or in the middle, preferably every other space if possible, to build some bears. Starting at the end of the line of the parking space Bear Crawl up the line, across, back out the other line, & do (1) Hand-Release Merkin. Rinse & repeat moving through the spaces adding (1) rep at each parking space until you get to (10). 

This was essentially CoP & now it was time to get to work so we moseyed over to the base of the Baptizer for a Burpee Pyramid. I came across this WO on Twitter, according to the article it’s a WO Special Force Soldiers often do…looked miserable. I divided the Baptizer into (3) 30 meter sections (the length of a basketball court) for appropriate spacing & split the PAX into (3) groups to use just 1 specific section.

Here’s how the pyramid works:

  • Baseline: (15) Burpees & then run the 30m to cone
  • Cone: (14) Burpees & then run back to Baseline
  • Baseline: (13) Burpees & then run the 30m to cone
  • Cone: (12) Burpees & then run back to Baseline

So on & so fourth down to one Burpee if time permitted. Ideal time for this is at least 15 minutes, but I had to call time at about 13 minutes in order to get the PAX back down the hill to the lower parking lot for Kilo’s portion of the WO.

On the far side of the parking lot Kilo placed several bundles of water bottles. As we got over there, he instructed each PAX to grab (2) bottles of water & find a spot (in no specific order) somewhere within the area. Once everyone settled into a spot, Kilo told each PAX to pour all of the water out of one of their bottles & explained what we were to do.

Every 2 minutes for (10) Rounds pour a drinks worth of water (from the bottle that’s full) into your mouth & hold it, don’t swallow or spit it out until you do the following:

  • (10) Burpees
  • Run around the island & back to your spot 

Upon returning to your spot, spit whatever water you have left in your mouth into the empty bottle…this was your Holy Grail. This obviously forces you to only breathe your noses, which is quite challenging when your doing activities to get your heart rate up & it’s 26 degree outside. We finished the last round at 0613, ran to the dumpster to properly dispose of the empty bottles, & then took it to the flag for CoT.


  • CoR: 28
  • NoR: 
    • Worm
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Mr. Roper
    • Jimmy Neutron
    • Tool Time
    • SubPrime
    • Schlitz
    • McAfee
    • Wide Right
    • Gypsy
    • Domino
    • Instadoodle
    • Nice & Slow
    • Diane Dukes
    • Husky (R)
    • Whitney (R)
    • Uncle Rico
    • Minnow
    • Huggies
    • Dynomite
    • Catfish
    • Holler
    • Natty Lite
    • Stick Up
    • Gaba Gaba
    • Violet
    • Kilo (QIC)
    • Nino (QIC)
  • Announcements: 
    • Dare to Care this Saturday the 12th from 0900-1200
    • Freed to Bleed Blood drive Sunday January 10th from 100-600, we have 29 more spots to fill.
  • Intentions: 
    • Kirchgessner family 🙏🏼🙏🏼
    • Whitney’s M 🙏🏼
    • Snowman 🙏🏼
    • Subprime’s cousin 🙏🏼
    • Double Down’s sister 🙏🏼

Kilo & I share the same sentiment about this group in being extremely thankful to be apart of it. Oh, and if you’re wondering how much a kilo worth of burpees is, it’s 220 😉.

Nino out.

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