BB – Minnow & Catfish Co-Q ToG @ The O

Our group of nine started with a warm up lap around part of the park. We proceeded to stretch and warm up at the tennis courts.

After our warm up – Catfish laid out a Jack-Webb Bear Crawl/Burpee routine. 4 bear crawls, 1 burpee; 8 bear crawls, 2 burpees – all the way up to 40 bear crawls and 10 burpees.

After the shoulders were smoked, we made our way to the half pipe where I initiated a run of 7’s at the top of each side of the half-pipe. We did Burpees on one side and Merkins/Hand-release merkins on the other side.

After a quick jog back to the tennis courts we kept the heart rate going with 4 rounds of wind sprints.
Following the sprints we finished the workout with Mary and one of Catfish’s unnecessary merkin routines.

All in all a solid, full body, Garden variety beat down. Thanks for having us to the O!


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