BackBlast Wisteria@Pleasantville Co-Q 12/11/20

What a Pleasant morning it was. 45 degrees and the stars were out. PAX saw at least two shooting stars (and maybe imagined some during the workout). It was a battle of good and evil.

Strong HIMs:
Sump Pump
Plumb Bob
Diablo Q – Holy Roller Q

Holy Roller lead a Mosey around the park, grab coupons and head to the amphitheater. Burpees, Grass Grabbers and then Diablo interrupted with Groiners, resumed Grass Grabbers.

Main Thing
Holy Roller started a tabada 90 seconds on and 10 seconds to transition to the next thing. We kept moving. Diablo interrupted a few times with something even harder than what we were doing. Seemed that evil was winning the battle a few times. Half way through our time, Diablo took the lead and tortured us with box jumps, squats, curls and thrusters up each rise of the theatre. This time Holy Roller interrupted with Manmakers to fight the battle. Then came MARY. Diablo had us doing 1 to 4 Big Boy Situps and American Hammers with Coupons. Holy Roller interrupted again with ManMakers. Time was called and we saw another shooting star and some satellites as Pleasantville lived up to its name.

Count, Name o rama, announcements – ruck tonight in Shelbyville, check slack, Holy Roller mentioned watching “The Standard” last night, Diablo reminded us to get an event on our calendar to help keep us motivated. A ruck, race, anything. Intentions, family that lost a loved one, search for a man that has gone quiet, Holy Roller prayed us out.

Great group of men to do battle with this morning!

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