Back-Blast Friday 12/18/2020 – Wisteria didn’t suck all that much @ Pleasantville

So I made this stupid bet with Tidwell last week on the St X – Trinity game…If Trinity wins, I wear a Trinity shirt for a workout and if X wins Tidwell wears a St X shirt. Of course I knew it was a stupid bet, but Tidwell is the man and I was not going to turn him down on the bet. I maybe should have countered and bet only whether St X would score…wait…still would have lost.
I picked up Tidwell on the way to Pleasantville and he had my shirt ready. Tidwell always impresses me…he is a great kid…and he also makes me feel guilty.  If I would have won the bet, you know I would have had the brightest neon gold St X shirt for him with a big ass tiger on the front and “beat the weeds” in huge block letters on the back. Well…Tidwell brought me a green quarter zip with a tiny green T on it…you literally can’t even see the T. He brought me the quarter zip because it was so cold this morning and it would help keep me warm. Damn Tidwell…I’m trying to hate on Trinity here. You don’t make it very easy to do. 
So the drive over to PV was going well as Tidwell and I talked about the NBA and the chances of UK turning around the season (Tidwell is more optimistic than me), when I get a call from Fructose. I thought to myself I better answer by saying “hey Tidwell is in here” but I only got out the “hey” before Fructose launched into his normal greeting of “where the f#$k are you Dauber?”  It is so good to have Fructose back out ITG.  
Well, we arrived unscathed (except for Tidwell’s innocent ears) and got things going at 0530 with the disclaimer…16 PAX in attendance:  Holy Roller (R), Hardwood, Gollum, Tidwell, Fructose, Jolly Rancher, Heimlich, Backflop, Cratchit, Hushpuppy, Le Pew, Cochran, Brown Water, WILDflower, Dollar Short, Dauber (Q).
We took a short mosey down to the amphitheater, skipped the pleasantries, and I called out the first exercise of Burpee Apocalypse.  I normally would ease into things with a traditional COP, but remember…I got this stupid ass Trinity shirt on, so wasa bit salty.  Burpee Apocalypse consisted of a countdown from 10 BOYOs to 1…55 in total.  We followed that up with grass grabbers and some downward dog stretch pretty much as a taunt before hitting the main thang.  We used the amphitheater steps for the main thang.  BBSU at the bottom, 4ct Flutter Kicks at the top, box jumps up the steps.  We did a countdown of reps for each exercise starting at 31, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5.  When finished, PAX went back to the stage and alternated 31 squats and 31 jump lunges until all PAX were finished.
Before starting the next set of countdowns, we did 20x 4ct squats as a group to ensure our legs were plenty warm.  Next set was dips at the bottom, derkins at the top and only starting at 20 for the countdown.  However, each step required 5 box jumps…ouch, that was rough.  All PAX finished in time for a bit of Mary (31x reverse crunches and 31x 4ct gas pumps) before we circled the flag for COT:  CoR, NoR, Announcements (bathtub gin), and a final prayer for unsaid intentions.
Another great morning ITG.

– Dauber

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